Boy, girl or hermie?

Hi guys

Firstly thank you for askinge into this forum, your help has been great :relaxed:

A newbie friend has this plant (we both are trying to grow properly for the first time) and it has been begining to what we thought was budding up nicely until some suspicious looking “things” appeared… See the following photo

My friend moved it away from others and pulled what looks like balls off it and it now looks like this…

My question on her behalf is it a boy, girl or hermie or did it just get stressed and depending on your findings what should she do with it as she has a lovely 2m tall plant she doesn’t want tainted

Thank you again for all your help and support :relaxed:

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The first pic is a male plant, the other ones are to far away for me to tell


The first picture with the pollen sacs almost looks like you can see pollen particles on the backside of the leafs above it white specks.

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Looks like your have a hermie. The balls are male flowers and the little white hair’s are from the female flowers. I would say at best it will form male flowers under every bud or it could start popping out male flowers out of the buds in which case there would be no way to pull them off. One way or the other you will most likely end up with a ton of seeds in that plant


Thanks, heaps for that

I honestly think she should cut her losses on that one just in case to save the others xx

Thanks for that xx