Bow4Buck's 1st Ever Grow Outdoors

Well, decided to get started. Actually kinda got pushed into it but dont mind in the least. Haven’t been a smoker for many years but it the kind thing that just doesn’t seem to go away. Got a step daughter off to college this fall and recently take a hit or 2 from what she has. Think you could call me a one hit wonder. A hit or 2 and I just quietly fade away. My how things have changed!
Found I❤GM believe it or not, through my mother-in-law and wife. Mother in law has her card and spends a ton of money at the dispensary. Think she figured this will make things cheaper for her. I pushed back at first but thought it could be fun. I like a challenge and figured there will be alot to learn. All I did was mention “this could be interesting” and a week or 2 later some seeds showed up at my house courtesy of my wife. BTW did I mention this first post might be a book? Sorry in advance for the long read but what better way to get to know each other.
Please if you follow this I’m interested in all the advice anyone would like to give but know LOL, I tend to take my own path so this is sure to be a sh*t show.
Woke up this morning to this beautiful lol thing staring back at me.

there are also 9 other siblings making an appearance soon. these are Bergman’s GL fem my wife assures me she got on sale. Also have currently 12 GG auto’s that are taking much longer to germ. Had 20 seeds of the GG took 4 days in water for 12 to sprout a tail. For the heck of it I placed the raining 8 in paper towels on a plate, looks like I might have 2 more.
It’s already June kinda worried about the GL having time to finish, first frost will be sometime usually in October but the way weather been lately who knows. With that in mind, my goal is to get these in the ground asap.
Started clearing their forever home yesterday. Getting ready to plant corn and plan on using it screen my other crop. Probably should mention I own and operate an organic produce farm. Please be gentle about the mess and weeds. Kinda neglecting things the last 2 weeks trying to build a spring fed irrigation pond, the farm is usually not so messy.
Planning on my weed being mostly in the corn and some strategically placed among other crops. Let’s see how this goes. Again sorry for the long read. They will be shorter in the future I promise.


Looking great! Set to watch. I don’t grow outdoors, so really can’t help with help or suggestions, however owing a operating a farm, I think you know what you’re doing!

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@Zee we will see. Done so much reading on here, seems way different then just growing my usual veg.

@Prejs420 here ya go.

Farm is awesome!

What state are you in? I’m definitely set to watching.


@AAA Ohio here brother and feel free to chime in any time I start messing things up.

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Haha, will do.

Do you have any IPM(Integrated Pest Management) in place?

I’m going to set to watch also. Corn around here usually finishes before weed, so photos might stick out like a sore thumb once corn turns brown. Either way, I can wait to see how this goes. I’m sure you will love growing it as you seem to have a green thumb. Growing is my therapy!

Also, not sure how many people come to your farm, but remember weed can smell very strong…

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@AAA most seasons there aren’t to many issues. I find that good soil and crop rotation keeps most pests to a minimum. This year though have had bad flea beetle problems and I Neem oil everything to keep them at bay, seems to be working for now. Do have something munching leaves on a few crops though.

Guessing slugs at night because I have yet to see the culprit during daylight. Just got a shipment of nematodes in this week will be releasing them in a couple days and that should help a ton. Worried about the slugs and seedlings though. I will often cover new crops with row cover and pin tight to the ground to keep pest away until the plants get strong enough. Wondering if this might be a way to go in the beginning. Here is a pic of what I did earlier in the season with some radish for the same reason.


@VTGROW interesting thought on the corn finishing first. Might have to rethink this.

Nice work. I go out at night and manually remove slugs, not really practical for you.

My biggest outdoor issue is caterpillars.

I have used praying mantids and Monterey BT in the past. This year I am adding T.Brassicae wasps to the team. I’m super jealous you have a farm, that’s the life goal for my wife and I.


I use FTB vegamatrix to keep the bugs away. Huge mite problem last year resolved with this.

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@VTGROW do you know what are the ingredients? I checked their website, yet they do not have an MSDS sheet for that particular product.

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@Bow4Buck I grew up on a 1200 acre peanut farm in South Alabama. Very close to Fort Rucker army base. This is where army pilots learn to fly helicopters AND use thermal imaging lasers! When private farming took a huge shit in the 90’s my family decided it was time to cultivate a more profitable crop. At one point the state was paying us more money NOT to grow cotton than we made selling our peanuts at the co-op. It’s obvious which crop we chose. :rofl: From experience, I can tell you that okra and cannabis have similar enough structure, color and heat signatures to avoid the choppers. Plus it tastes super good fried with some pork chops! Haha


I’ll have to check when I get home but I believe 100 percent organic.

@AAA where ya getting the praying mantis if ya don’t mind. Always thought getting a few of those little egg sacks they make would be ideal to scatter around. When those little babies hatch they are ravenous. I also use Monterey BT primarily on my fruit trees though.

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Welcome! Do deer get into your field? Weed is like bait for deer. In the future, if you want good yields on your weed crop, you may want to start it in February indoors, then move it to the greenhouse for mid May, then plant out when temps and spring rains are better. Nice farm!

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@Cannabian Deer used to get ours a lot until we discovered coyote urine.

@Cannabian LOL, as the name may suggest I do I have deer. I grow them too. Got fence around the entire area where I plant it keeps them out pretty well. Timing a grow understood. In February I had no intentions of starting this endeavor. However that’s pretty much the schedule for my crops. 75% of what I grow I start indoors late February early March, move to the green house to harden off then in the field after last frost.

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Those urine / dryer lint things dont do shit around here! The deer laugh at it ! We get whitetails and mule deer all day in the airfield. We needed to install 10 foot high driving range net!

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