Boveda versus Integra Boost

I’ve read that some use humidity packs when curing and/or storing cannabis long term.

What are your experiences using these?

Is one better than the other?

They’re both the same inside. I have one in every jar of bud. Definitely worth having if you’re storing bud for longer periods.


Are you using 62% packs?

I’ve bought Boveda and have got a lot of jars from dispensaries with Boost packs in them, both 62%. I reuse the boost packs for longer than the Boveda packs of the same size, so Boost seems to last a little longer. I can’t tell any difference in the job they do as far as re-hydrating or keeping buds moist…both seem to do fine. I’ll probably buy whichever is cheaper next time, but I’m leaning towards Boost.


I use the 62% but there are some that like the 55%

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I use the 62% also. I have jars of bud from last summers grow. They are as fresh as the day I jarred them. I actually think that the weed has gotten better!


I limit them to long term storage, and use 58% or 62%. I bought 62% for long time and then came across 58%, think I like them better.


I use the 62% for storage, and often felt the buds were just a teeeeeeny bit drier than I like. I’ve debated using the 68%.

Regardless. They do a fantastic job. I’ve got 18month old buds with boveda packs that still kick my asss.


Where can these be purchased, and how expensive are they?

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Thanks mate, bugger they say they this item does not ship to Australia :frowning:


Try a cigar shop. They may have something similar.


Yeh, actually I tried to google it, and I found a supplier here in the land down under. :wink::joy::rofl::joy::+1:t2:


How many gram for a gallon jar?

I was using 8g/ quart. So I’d assume 32g for a gallon.

That being said, I used boveda packs for about 6-8 months. I initially only put them in fully cured/stored buds, but after reading the boveda brochure I began adding them during cure.

Then I noticed all my bud had an “off” scent. Not quite musty, but not what it should’ve been. I had someone, that I respect, tell me my bud had lots of effect, but no flavor and little scent.

I thought it might’ve been the peroxide baths. So I did a harvest half washed half not, added the boveda packs, and it still smelled “off”.

Then I tried a harvest half boveda half no boveda. Boom, boveda jars didn’t smell right, and the other without them was perfect.

I weighed the packs and they were 9g-10g, with a mean of 9.6g. So I contacted Boveda. We had several back and forth emails. Eventually they suggested that I buy new packs because the ones I’d been using had taken on some off odors during the cure process, and were then passing it on to the next batch as I re used them.

These packs had never been rehydrated and were fully squishy.

Their website clearly states their product as useable during cure; so you don’t have to worry about burping.

I’m crying foul.

Rant over.

I had the same experience…initially used them during the cure, but noticed the packs absorbed the smells.

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Interesting to know, I’m getting them for storage only. From what I’ve found I’m thinking that a 67g packet will suffice for a pound of pot. I use gallon glass jars for storage and can store 8 - 10 oz of pot per jar. My intent is to put one 67g packet into each gallon jar. To be safe, I’m also putting a small rh humidity meter into each jar to verify how the Integra packet is performing.


Keep in mind that most of those small humidity meters are off ±5%

I’m going to be getting some of the boost 62, I understand they dont have same issues of changing smell as some of the boveda do.