Boveda & Boost packs ? do they work


have use boveda and will never use them again they “stold” taste.flavor and smell but did keep at 62%RH. wanted to give Boost packs a try tey do say they will not take any taste,smell,flavor away from product- ordered 5 with the indicator ($5.00). they do work , they don’t influence the taste or smell it has bee one month (used 62%) did a side by side also Boost won - even with a no “pack” jar. If one has many jars and need a 1-6 month cure in jars suggest Boost packs ! Then work - NO BOVEDA PACKS k now many who used boveda and will never again ! what ever I guess -long term storage night be good and better that frezzeing


I use boveda for years on both my cigars and MJ without issue.

Tell me what drying and curing techniques you used. @steve2


sorry stand corrected !! glad I’m wrong - use regular drying methods ? suggestions ?


I use the bodeva packs and they work as advertised. Keeps my buds nice and tacky without being too damp. I use the 62% ones


I love the bovida packs. If harvest too dry theyll fix you right up. Same for too damp!



I’m asking you to describe your usual drying and curing methods? So I can see if there are other reasons why your buds are losing smell.

I had a grower tell me recently that his mj smelled like cat urine… He wasn’t properly drying his buds before curing.


Ok I’ll bite, what’s the rest of this story @bob31 or should I say Paul Harvey. :joy:


I had an issue with my last grow which was also my first ever grow mine smelt totaly different from ushall smells but you could smell the mj smell under it. I also had some tell me it smelt like cats piss but know cats piss and it wasnt tht and i dried it the way i was told to by many on here. But i did have a couple of issues with my gilrs throughout there grow. Am now on my second grow and my girls are doing great and they smell amazing wen u rub the bud but thts all you smell at this time i am just into day 37 from seed day 18 of flower and this time i am getting the boveda packs to dry and cure with as it so much hassle checking the temps and humidity all the time since i am all DIY and growin on a budget is hard but. To answer your question Yesthey work and they are great and u dont just have 62% they do a range of different percentages. As for the Boost pack never heard of them or unsure what u mean by boost packs.??


I too have used the bodeva 62% and I am on my 4th grow and I have never had a problem with them at all.


You don’t use the packs to dry. You dry the buds then move then into jars to be cured. You could place the packs in after they’re dry, but not before. Most will put in jars after theu dry and burp them for a few weeks to a few months.


I agree with @bob31. I smoke more cigars these days than mj, but I haven’t had a problem using them with either.

If I had to guess, you jarred with boveda too early. The chemicals you normally burp away were absorbed by boveda, and then constantly let go by boveda. You can’t forget they are two way packs.


I’m using Boveda 62 % packs and they’re working extremely well.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Sorry, I was a little pressed for time @Wishingilivedina420state

the grower only dried for a few days and jarred them up without properly burping them. We removed them from the jars and dried them slowly again for about a week until the chlorophyll smell was gone and then re-jarred them and that made all of the difference.

And in all fairness to @Mikos he was the one that used the term “cat piss” and it wasn’t him i was referring to, so I may have mixed my stories a little.


Lol yeah but al though i have never smelt the smell before my issue i think was caused by lack of experience and knowledge aswell as not being able to buy all the good equipment i can only get whats i can when i can. But this time i will makesure i do it better and having extra support on hand helps hugely however its not as easy either. U can be great at growing but you may not be able to dry and cure right for whatever reason which means all the growing has a higher risk of being messed up. Anyway i got 42g from 3girls one was stunted due to being in to small a pot another ended up with magnesium deficiency or something along those lines and with autos you cant really afford any major problems especially since they only vegged for 4wks. Thn by day 73 from seed i had to cut them down as they were all turning amber some more than others out of my 3 girls only one had no issues and i got nearly a ounce from her and she was 10days younger thn the others but they all smoked fine after i corrected my mistakes but i didnt use boveda packs that time but i will be this time round. Which reminds me i will need to get them in the nxt couple of weeks. Last strain of autoflower i did said seed to harvest 60 to 65days but took 73days and was called smokey bear i have a journal on here about it. This one i am doing is purple express and they are supposedly ready from seed to harvest 55days now according to many people that its impossible to be ready in this time frame however they are designed to take this time frame but can also be exagerated by the breeder but only time will be the true judge. Sorry about the rant. I hope that i have given you some inside to any other questions you may have dont hesitate to ask. Everyone on here is so friendly and always someone to help.


And you know @Mikos everything doesn’t have to be perfect but the closer the tolerances the better the Cannabis and in the end that’s what we all want! Killer weed!


there is a company that MAKES RH packs also called BOOST PACKS might be better than boveda pacls


Any two way pack should work. Brands are only brands. If anyone finds anything better than Bovedas, let me know!


Boost Packs intergra Boost packs


I gott tell you many of the reviews from verified buyers is a little low. Why don’t you get a pack and give them a try?


@bob31 don’t ever fill you need to be in a hurry with bro, I’m a pot head so hurry doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. And besides I know your helping people on here and that’s what’s important. That’s a messed up story from @Mikos . At least it’s in the past now and we learn, get better and laugh at this later.

@Mikos stick with @bob31 he knows his stuff. You’ll be smoking good before you know it.