Boveda 62% Have anybody used this?

I just wanted to know if anybody is using the Boveda products .
I have been using this to finish off my MJ after drying it the normal way . Hanging , Paper bag .
I put in my quart glass jars for long time storage . I have 3 year old MJ in my storage . I burp the bottles every month just to be sure all is well . I think it improves everything from aroma to taste

Looking forward to see the results from others
Also takes the work out of the curing process .


I use them they work great after i hang dry i jar up and use them still burp as always but i love them

I used them in my SSH and it is doing great. Keeps the buds just right. I over dried the SSH but the packs brought her right to where she needed to be!

I am using it now, and yes, I have already figured out a couple important things about using them. I think I am going to make a GrowFAQ topic for Boveda.


Now that I read all posts in this topic. I am glad to see all of you have figured out that you need to go through normal drying in order to allow the Boveda to do it’s job.

They definitely work both way. I had a few day dried top cola that could be sampled and I p[laced it in a glass jar with Boveda 62. Now it is too damp to smnke. Added 4-5 more dried buds last night. Will let you know if all went limp on me. :slight_smile:
Awesome. I wanted to post on my findings tonight. Later, lw :slight_smile:


I have used them for a year now with no problems. ( Just remember to dry first).

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Like you said, drying is critical. I watched my jars closely. Maybe it was lucky that I over-dried my SSH and then used the packs?? I bought some commercial and I had to dry it out before putting the packs in due to excessive moisture. I also tend to burp the jars pretty frequently for the first month before adding the packs. Over-drying initially may be good for using the packs. QUESTION: Is there any down side to over-drying before using the packs? It didn’t seem to effect the potency at all ! ! Jerry

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A fresh harvext if dried correctly, appears to be over dry. However; When you place it in the jar you will see that the buds moistened up overnight. The inside core of the bud takes several days to 2 weeks to dry.

These paks IMO just provide you with consistency after drying. We basically still need to dry and continue curing as we have always done; The Old fashion way

This topic should help many growers in the future. :slight_smile: lw

~future GrowFAQ~


Hey friends , just searched “Boveda packs” and this string popped up. After reading, I guess they do work well, but where can I purchase them ? Went to two smoke shops in my area , neither had them. Guess I will try Amazon, should have started there.

Amazon for sure z or the boveda site.

I got some on Amazon, needed 16 , so I baught two, ten packs. Total was $29.99 . Expensive little buggers, but if they work well it will be worth it. I have 12 quart jars, and 4 pint jars. It will take a while to go through all of that weed and I want it to stay good, and or get better. My close friends will have a Merry Christmas !! @Whodat66 @Drinkslinger @blackthumbbetty @MBgrower @Budbrother @raustin


I started using them last year. I still have some year old buds that are perfect. 1 8gr packet per quart jar. 4 in a gallon.
None of the shops have them here. Which is surprising, but not really. I went to the “grow” shop on wales st this summer looking for gnat nix. They’d never even heard of it. :see_no_evil:

I found Epsom salts at Walgreens tonight. :+1: