Boveda 2 way humiduty packs (yay) or (nay)


I am about 10-15 days out on my harvest i am using the CUREVAULT commercial 8L curing vault it comes with two boveda 2-way 62.7% humiduty control packs. Should i use them or the 52 or not at all

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You can use them for curing, but you don’t need them for drying @dowencarson

I use the 62% 2 way packs! Swear by them! I would never cure without them!


Thanks @bob31


A very big yay from me. I like them so much they control my humidor as well as my product . I also have a cannabis vault-CV and highly recommended.


I also cure with the 62% packs. Just past my first harvest and coming into the second, I’ll order more if I have to. They’re pretty affordable. @dowencarson


Bovedas 62%

Just in case anyone needs a link!


Just bought 2 packs.

I already have 7 jars from last grow that need these and the second grow is coming up fast.

Reminder tp self - Buy more jars :sunglasses::rofl:


Yea from me also… I use the 62% packs… I use them for storage… They work great.
I never tried them for drying… I just hang my girls and after I cure them 4-8 weeks I put the packs into the jar… hope this helps

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They aren’t for drying, they are for curing and storing (which they rock at!!). One 8gr packet per quart jar seems to be the best ratio if you are curious.


I got that Amazon deal for quart jars. Works great. But you really need to dry it out BEFORE you put in the packs or they would get overwhelmed with moisture. Just dry well and then jar. Then burp your jars for a couple of weeks. That’s when you add the Bovedas.


With everyone on these just absolutely awesome I am using them for curing now and even use them for storing my stash keeps it fresh


Do you know how long these packs last? Do i need a new one every couple month, 6 months?

Check this out @Laurap
Hope it helps🙂


Thanks my friend


There is also a you tube video that shows how to regenerate them if needed though I’m not sure of the link, looking now

There are at least 5-10 more videos on how to do this. Not hard to do at all!