? Bout space an lighting

I have a mars hydro ts 600 in A36"by36"by72" n I have a spider farmer sf1000 coming for my 2nd tent… my question is should I keep it like that 3 plants in each or should I move the spider into the vivosun tent with the mars hydro ts600 n in there will b 2 northern lights 2 blue berry’s n 2 blue berry lemon any ideas o I also have 2 … 32watt full spev 2ft long with red blue white switch hanging need help with setting my lights up for best results any advice please

This ts600 will not adequately light a 3x3 tent as its only producing 100w i believe off the plug. As a rule of thumb, you will want between 35-50w per foot of canopy coverage to properly veg and flower your plants…3x3 is good for a few autos…no more.

Even with your lights coupled together, you will not have enough “proper” light to produce quality results.

I cannot stress enough how critical lighting is and most of your budget for your setup should be invested on proper lighting!

My recommendation to you is to upgrade your space/s with proper lights but for now you could run 2-3(autos) in one tent with both lights.(this would achieve max results with what you have now but not nearly to best you could potentially obtain with better lighting)

I have 3 mars hydro they will flower 1 plant , veg 2, probably perfect for 2x2

Wow. Thank you for that information. I am currently looking in to getting another tent and lighting. So instead of adding another light I should just invest and get a stronger light instead for my space.


Anything spec and tech data that isn’t qualified by a 3rd party should be regarded as pure
lies and bullsh$t. That means 95% of all LED’s on amazon are garbage. The Mars lights
aren’t bad but you need the most expensive version of the mars LED line to properly grow
a 3X3 area.

I’m in a 3X3 myself and am using an HLG Model-W 260 Rspec. It fills my tent with some
strength to spare. I have my dimmer down to about 80%-85% and grow decent dense bud
on 3 photoperiods with room to spare. I used to have a California Light Works 250 Solar Extreme and the two lights aren’t even in the same class. Hell, the difference between the
two lights are as obvious as night and day.

Do yourself a favor and get a better light. It will change everything you think you know up
to this point. Growth speed, watering rate, nutrient consumption, I really ain’t kidding. With the correct lighting it will make you adjust and reassess your cannabis knowledge. It certainly did for me.

Hey yes thanks but unfortunately I had already placed the order n you know I’m jus going hope for the best… I’ve seen some amazing buds with jus the spider farmer 1000 n the mars hydro 600 I didn’t realize till the other night that it wasn’t going b enough light but yeah after I save some coin up I’ma take u up on that n try out the hlg… I like to play scientist n see how different lights soils all that effects things. But yet I like to do what works

And i thought this is a thread about relativity theory… :wink:

Any information on these lights along with testimonials is suspect. You can return the light you ordered and purchase something more suitable. Hell; MH/HPS is better than an inferior LED fixture. Lights are you biggest investment and if you don’t have enough light you will suffer with growth problems and low yields. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TANSTAAFL)!

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