Bourbon infuse herb

Is it possible to join my two favorite pastimes; bourbon and herb?

Yea dude of course! Take a shot and smoke a blunt haha!


No that’s to easy I’m talking about herb tasting like bourbon… You know like infused.

I don’t think that will ever happen anytime soon.
Go with what @ktreez420 said. Its the only way its going to work.


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I have been tossing the idea around of using some buds in my home beer kit as hopps an see what happens

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Well I suppose anything is posible…if you do let us now how. It works out

Maybe you could soak papers or a blunt in bourbon, wait until it’s dry and roll it up?

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I have done this (dropped a bud in each bottle)
It made no difference :slight_smile: other then the bubbles were down on those bottles
I have been thinking of heating the bud first to activate the THC

The other day I put out a joint by dipping it in my glass of bourbon. That night I finished it and the taste was good. Today I’m going to try what you are saying. At the end of my next harvest I plan on taking good bourbon and mist a few of the drying buds. If that doesn’t work maybe there is a way to make bourbon flavored e juice and mix it with my herb juice and see what that taste like. This might not to possible, I was just thinking out loud. Thanks

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Iva that sound possible. How would you heat up the bud? Microwave, skillet, or another method?

Garrigan62 and ktreez420 you are most likely correct and a glass of bourbon enhances the moment burning one. It never hurts to dream. Thanks

Now that I think about it, you should be able to cook your weed into a sugary syrup almost. That’s what guys make when they make the candy edibles. So what if you made that concoction and simply mixed it into bourbon. You would end with a sweeter bourbon, but I think it would work.
How is bourbon made? Any chance some one could brew a batch with weed and it would taste like weed? Haha I know one guy had said how he was going to add weed to his next beer brew, to act likes hops!

I’ve heard they do it in Amsterdam already but I am going to try it this year

Both buds and beer have to sit and cure so I am going to do 2 batches with it one when the buds are dried and one when the buds are cured

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@joshawa please do a thread on this when you start! I would love to follow it.

Not sure would have to work on a way that keeps the bud intact

That’s a cool idea. I’m going to try that. :slight_smile:

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