Bouncing between artificial and natural light

I have mostly grown my first ever plant indoors because I live in a condo and I barely get any natural light. I bought my HPS 75 watt lamp at APFP. In the afternoon I get about 3 hours of direct light on my balcony and decided to expose my plant to it.
I did not transplant soon enough according to experts.
As you can see my plant is small and it has started flowering.
So, did I damage the plant by having it in/outdoor?
And, please, if you have any suggestions to salvage my grow, please advise.

Cheers all, wear your facial coverings!!

It isnt the potsize nor light intensity switching that flips them to flower.

It is light hours. If your plant gets 12+ hours of uninterrupted dark, she will begin to flower.

Do u have a picture?

It’s an autoflower so it will flower when it wants. I think the more direct sun you can give it the better. It probably started flowing because you made it happy with the extra sunlight.


Here are some photos of her current state. I am sure i made mistakes in pruning, etc. I have already been told I transplanted her too late.
She is fairly tall (about 4 ft.) and super spindly. She started to flower and now this is how she looks.

![20200725_161606|375x500j](upload://rE6mpQ9n2CTUnJd5L66BUGFnss0.jpeg) ![20200725_161538|375x500](upload://7m9ukyRp1dypZtA8EGS2K3SPya2.jpeg) ![20200725_161555|375x500](upload://wTwuF3IUQYWxnnd9luZYoDTEUoz.jpeg)

How many times have we heard THAT, purp? @PurpNGold74

Gotta let the pictures fully upload before hitting ‘Reply’.

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Hahaha. Yea reading this post i thought “:man_facepalming:t5:

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Do any of the inside growers use reflection? If so, how and what do I use? While the weather stays mild I have the opportunity to put my plant in direct sunlight for three hours in the late afternoon but then it goes back inside unders my hps 75 watt light.

My auto amnesia haze is tall and spindly. It is my first plant ever.

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@Ms Looks like you will have one heck of a cola when she fills out! :smirk:

Continued success.

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