Bought a small greenhouse

anyone have any suggestions, like what kind of containers, what kind of soil. It’s a 6’x10’ and I kinda want 6 plants and a tomato plant, will I have enough room?Any help will be appreciated

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they get big outdoors
Six may get tight

You should also think about either removing the top in flower or at least raising the sides to help with air flow

Having a few fans inside would also help with humidity
Green houses by design hold in heat and humidity so that will be a factor when you enter flowering stage

I’ve lost more then one plant to bud rot outdoors so beware

Will you be close to a power supply ? Air flow is key


Thanks I was afraid that I was going to have problems with space…At least i am near power for fans, I’m going to have to try, need to get away from prying eyes

6x10x what? Height is important.

With few facts, I would think you could do 6 plants of medium size with slim profiles.
If you d bushy plants…less will work best.

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sorry could have given more info…greenhouse is 61/2 ft tall I planned on growing indicas, 2 banana kush 2 mango kush, 2 blackberry kush… still trying to decide what size(kind?) containers and what kind of soil.will have power handy for a fan, but have to keep everything hidden from neighbors

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You can downsize on pot a little to help keep plants a little smaller, you just don’t want to go too small or they’ll likely become root bound early. Fabric pots will help with that a little. Another idea maybe to start them a little later. You’ll want to check growing schedules for your area there. If you already have short season may not be neccessary, but could help a lot if you have long season.

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I did a greenhouse grow last year, came out very good. I used a hydroponic system in coco coir with a seven gallon fabric pot for finishing. The greenhouse I bought was too small, finished without greenhouse. I am going to try a larger greenhouse this year. Picked up some tips on greenhouse construction from Youtube. The most important factor for you greenhouse is height. 6’x10’ is enough floor space, but how tall is your greenhouse is critical. Happy growing.

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Ive heard of people puttting a 50% UV blockage shade cloth over outdoor gardens an works good apparently, protects from heat stress

Welcome to the best forum out there @Will2grow you are among the most knowledgeable people you’ll find anywhere. There is someone out here that is thinking or doing something just like you. Read a lot. Create topics. Great people. Happy grow.


oldngray2 - I think 61/2 feet is ok if you grow in the ground, but if you use pots or hydroponic that is not enough. you need a taller greenhouse for a good grow, The greenhouse I am planning will be at least 12’ tall at the highest point.
stretchgfw.1957 - thanks for the welcome, I just try to follow the advice and directions provided. I do love growing marijuana!!

cool thanks for the info I plan to use 7 gallon fabric containers but I am prepared to move them outside. will be able to get another 8" on height on the greenhouse but that it. Again thanks everyone

Are you able to install some 4x4 posts in the ground to place the greenhouse support poles/posts on? you can make the height as high as you like by using the 4x4 as you would for a deck or porch and cover the outside with shutter style vents to aid w airflow. Just raise your greenhouse to whatever height you desire!

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