Bottom watering, how, need help

Do you use the same amount you would be using as if top watering. How do you know water made it throughout the soil. How about adding a little on top to make sure.
Articles I find say how deep to fill the tray. Then until the soil stops sucking it up. That’s odd because a wider tray will drop less to the same volume.
I often use about 1.5 quart. Today I put 1.5qt in a large bowl and the soil sucked up half of it. So I put half on top. Is there a proper or better way to do this or is it worth it. I even forget why I wanted to start bottom watering now :joy:

Aprox 5 gal soil, 31 days autoflower.


Hey jay! When bottom watering, you can use the same amount of water as you would when top watering. To make sure the water has reached throughout the soil, you can insert a chopstick or similar tool into the soil to check the moisture level. If the soil is still dry at deeper levels, you can add a bit more water on top. There isn’t a strict method for bottom watering, so you can do what works best for you and your plants.


Thank you! I was thinking I might have to change everything, nute levels - volume of water etc. Or wait all day for it to be sucked up. Gooood


Am I tripping or do you need a stronger light?


Both may be true :laughing: I guess you ask 'cuz of the lanky shape. I didn’t like how the last ones shaped, so for last 2 - 3 weeks I turned off the veg light and threw more red at them to get stretch. They are back on full light now. And you’re right, I need a stronger light.


How was it shaped? If it ain’t bushy I don’t want it! :sunglasses:


Thats right! And dense too!
The buds started near the main stem, and were not good for training away from center into the light. I want the limbs to stretch out then chunk up with buds, with bushy tips. Picky eh :rofl:


I have read that when bottom watering. Only water from the bottom. It said not to water from the top and bottom. When I have done it I put water in container and let sit overnight. What it did not suck up after 8 or 10 hours I measured and put that much less in the next time. Then I got to a point that I new how much it took and gave that much every time. Don’t remember the amounts now. Don’t know if what I did was right. I do know it worked. Experiment and see what happens. That is half the fun.

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Key to success is not platter size, but when the fluid level stops dropping, she has drunk her fill.
then drain remaining and allow good dry period. good growing to you. Bottom watering is the only way I don’t splash on leaves.


Thanks Dave! I like details, the more the better to fine tune this operation

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Yes. Don’t switch back and forth, pick a method and stick to it. If you need to top water after bottom-feeding for a while, expect to have to do a flush first to get rid of the salt buildup that will be at the top of the medium.

Exactly this.


Thank you @Graysin and you’re advice will not be wasted!


Thanks for the tips @DRsDank my last login I went too fast distracted by lighting info. I like your method

What kind and how big of light do you have.

Kukuppo 280W consumption, dual fan, veg switch, bloom switch. Advertised to have UV and FR.
Edited for spelling. I can’t even find it now, just the lesser model (“600w”)

That sound like enough light for 1 plant even if not the most energy efficient it will still grow 1.

Oh that is considering it’s 280 actual watts.

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Workin my way up. Fist tent grow was one auto, in Oct harvested three photos, learned I couldve let more buds stay, over-pruned to open up light. Effecient ha exactly it makes as much heat as an old incandescent 100w bulb. Or more