Bottom leaves are amber and hard, leaves are folded, please help

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Hello! Are you able to help me? I’m brand new to growing (typical problem maybe) but I was doing great at the start… then shot went south. You see, I’m growing a Blue Dream plant and it’s been 3 1/2 weeks so far, been giving it 24 hour light with a 75 watt bulb, been feeding it plain water every 24 hours, and that’s about it. The plant got really big! But now it kind of just stopped all together. The bottom leaves are amber and hard, the leaves are folded up (giving it 18 hours of light now), the roots are pale white (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing) and all together the plant just stopped growing as rapidly as it use to. If you could pls help me figure this out, I’ll be more than greatful!

First off the only info you have given is strain if you realy wish to get any advice you need to share details. Soil/hydro if hydro res size and ph ppm if soil what kind and ph? Pictures if you have any
You said you are giving it just water if you are in soil your problem is self explanitory it needs food… soil only has so many nutrients in it as well if your water isn’t ph’d properly it won’t get all available nutrients.
75 watt light cfl hid led?

I’m sorry if I couldn’t five you enough information. I am still new and ignorant to needs when it comes to growing. What happened was that after I checked under my old pot, The roots were hugging a very thin quantity of soil (there was a black plasic holder that held is meant for growing apparently but the roots went under it) therefore it lacked the soils gifts. I’ve transported it into a half gallon 4 inch pot hoping it’ll get its proper feeding. I also changed the bulb to a LED light my buddy gave me a while back. Back then I had the light on for 24 hours a day, now I’m trying to narrow it’s light by 16 to 18 hours a day. And no, I don’t know what the proper pH in the water should be, all I know is that I made it continuously warm. Also, I read up some tips, but they seem pretty sketch. One, pissing around the plant. Two, liquidfy egg shells for calcium. Three, worms. Hopefully I was at least a little more clear Dx

Well I believe you came to the right place then since I have no desire to send you running around like chicken with your head cut off I only seek to help making your growing experience more enjoyable. The picture is fairly poor but your plant looks to be growing OK I bet if we looked a little into ph of both your soil and the water you are giving it you would see a dramatic difference lets’s start realy simple

either one of these would do the trick and are sold at walmart lowes and pet stores ph up and ph down can also be found in pet stores near the aquarium isle.
The water you give your plants should be between 6-6.5 ph this means you test your tap water then adjust everytime you water cannabis likes slightly acidic soil and water and being within that range will let the roots make best use of any nutrients in the soil You may also be over watering very common problem let your plant get mostly dry between waters. your plant is fairly small to worry about feeding yet .

What you should also do is test ph of the run off, take a couple scoops of the soil mix them with water enough water to obstract some without the soil and test the ph. this will tell you the ph of your soil reading the name brand it comes up as 24-8-16 n-p-k and 6.5 ph but may be different. A little strong for a seedling but it’s alive still so could be worse.

Oh and so you know the first leafs that come up when it sprouted always die and are followed by true leafs so the brown falling off bottom 2 are normal if it’s any other ones than be concerned

hope some of this helps I’m sure you will get more advice now I bumped you into more info as well

The only thing I’d add, is the EC/TDS/PPM meter, I believe the blue one in the above pack only reads to 999ppm, and you need one that reads well above 999, as many people run their nutrients at 1200ppm or higher, especially in soil.

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