Both male and female


i just got done checking on my outdoor plants and that i can tell by just looking at them out of 8 plants i have 7 female and one thats both ive herad of this befor i saw a pod of sacks and growing right on top of that is a nice bud it aint to big but its pretty cool has anyone had a plat like this if yes pleat tell me if theres anything special i have to do to it


You better cull that male plant, unless you want tons of seeds. I would not take a chance on growing that plant for any length of time. It is called a hermaphrodite.

If plants are producing seeds; They are not prodcucing THC. Keep that in mind. Peace


arit i will but what if tsome of the sack already broke if i cut it down now will the female still be any good


the sacks just started spliting yesterday


Put a garbeg bag over it then cut it down at bottem. That way u want risk shaking pollin off and landing rite on your females. But yes i would most definitely get rid of it.