Both auto-flowers have the same issue?

Both of these autos are by Mephisto genetics. I’m seeing some curling inwards and outer lighter-green around the edges of the leaves. What do you guys think it is?

Light: HLG 550 RSpec at power 4 now raised pretty high.

Temp - Humidity: 65f-78f | I try to keep it as close to 60% in tent but sometimes it falls to around 40-50%.

Has intake and in-line fan. No nutes yet.

Soil: Happy frog x Ocean Forest mixed with extra perlite.

Water with PH of 6.5.

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Seems to me to be light intensity even tho at lvl4 it may be to much for that stage of life some plants can take it and some just cant and get pissy lol plus thats a hell of a light what type of cellphone do you use by chance there is a par app in the google play store you can use to get a decent readings

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I do use the Photone app. Before I had it at around 14-15 DLI, now it’s boosted a little more to around 20-25 DLI. Is it too much?

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I personally dont follow dli tbh with you lol i use the app only to set my lights to what ever ppfd per stage of life at this stage i personaly would want a ppfd around 400 to 500 as the plant grows it will grow into higher par levels also how far is your light from the tops of these lights

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No worries. I’ll measure as soon as I get home for you

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It’s around 3 feet away :joy: @LiesGrows

Medium looks dry to me. You may want to up the watering a bit to stimulate root growth into the pot. Some of your leaves are just beginning to ‘pray’ so wouldn’t go any higher on light intensity.


It is due for a watering tonight! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll give it a watering and see how they react


Dam 3ft away i feel like should be good but at the same time i know thats a powerful light lol