Botched first grow

47 days in and my buds (and the plants) are tiny. Clearly I did something wrong here.


47 days in flower? Or from seed. You’re only a couple of weeks into flower by those pictures, so there’s many weeks left for the buds to develop.


Autoflowers also don’t have a recovery window like photoperiods. Let her grow. Keep up with a steady, pH adjusted watering/feeding regimen, keep your lights in range (about 45-50dli is ok at this stage) and let them do their thing.


Yes, unfortunately you did some things less than perfect. If you want to try and figure out what those things were, take some time and explain as many details of your process as you can.

Like what kind of seeds, soil, nutrients are you using? Do you have equipment to test your water/nutrient solution like a pH and EC/TDS pen? Do you have climate controls in your grow space?

You can learn a lot here, and the more info you give, the more the community will be able to help!


give em another 2 months or so and than see where they are
patience young padawan


Hi! Looks like that plant was over-pruned. While there are different ways different growers go about pruning and defoliating, try to aim for only removing fan leaves if they are blocking airflow and bud sites. Removing too many leaves interferes with photosynthesis, sugar/energy production, and such that interferes with plant growth.


They’re not done yet. Maybe let ‘em finish before you call it a loss? I bet you have 4-6 weeks before they’re close to chopping.

Agreed, looks like he took a little too much off…

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Autos need a near perfect first 3 weeks of growth to develop before flower sets in. A little heavy on the defoliation could have set her back, nutrients, environmental conditions and lighting would be the the main 3 :love_you_gesture:


@psychidelika Wanted to ask what soil you’re using, someone also mentioned that. It looks like it might not be cannabis-friendly, hard to tell, though.
Fabric pots are optimal.


How much light are they getting, what kind of soil?

As others has stated above i don’t thnk the defoliation did her any favors (especially if they are autos). If it’s an auto let it run, its only half way through its lifecycle.

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