Botanicare or General Hydroponics

I’m struggling to choose between Botanicare or General Hydroponics. Thoughts? Opinions?

I have 2 dws. I started with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow just because it’s what the guy at the store grabbed for me, but it seems like GH FloraNova products use very similar makeup and are about 1/2 the price.

I’ve had great luck with the GH I would highly recommend it never tried the other but I’ve done it in soil and works awesome I know a lot of people have used it for hydroponics is well just my two cents :wink:


like @Hogmaster, I have had great harvests with GH 3 part Micro, Grow and Bloom in soil and now my DWC…they mix well with other companies supplements, the pH has stayed consistently in the 5.8 range after the initial bump after reservoir change and it’s easy to adjust the 3 part to your plants requirements.

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Thanks @Hogmaster and @kabongster

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I to use GH Flora 3 part tried it both soil and hydroponic great results

I to use GH Flora 3 part and have had great results. Botanicare for hydroguard.

I’m using the 2 part in both coco and soil. Is there any benefit to the 3 part? (Grow and Bloom) @Hogmaster?

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I have been using Mills on GG4 for over a year now and been very pleased.
Easy and uncomplicated, 2 part system. Just add Sugaree in flowering.
Indoor grow.

I’ve always use the three-part system but always had great results

Yes more control over nutrients in flower as well as veg