Boron deficiency? Irregular leaf pair growth

Hi supportive people,

I’ve just started my first organic Grow and my seedlings were started in FF seed starter with happy frog around the outside.

I have been composting my own soil for when the 2 white widow photos are ready for transplant, I have 2 Northern lights autos going too.

One of the white widows is showing some irregular growth and odd leaf shapes, I’m wondering if this is Boron deficiency but I have never come across this particular issue before so not sure how to diagnose it.

It seems slightly behind in growth but it is still growing steadily, just one leaf at a time apparently.

Any advice appreciated.

Here is the other healthier one to compare:

I have them in a 5x5, vpd is around 0.75 right now, I have a 600w ipower MH setup running at 400w right now at 18 inches distance.

I did pH the water before with pH up or down from Atlas Scientific and I lowered it way too much and then had to add a lot of pH up to compensate, perhaps that messed with the organic nutrients?

I’ve since done a slurry and found the soil it at 6.5ph and found I don’t need to use pH up or down, so I won’t be doing that again, just letting the water sit out for 24hrs to evaporate the chlorine.

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Looks alittle hungry, what’s the ppm at on the runoff?

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I’ll check now

I am far far removed from organic growing. No help there. Re irregular young leaf shape. I would not be concerned. 99% of the time it is nothing and they grow out of it. I think boron deficiency is a reach. It is a young plant in new soil so it is not something I would expect or anticipate. Also, in soil boron has a wide ph uptake range.
If the unadjusted ph of your water is 6.5 - 6.9 you are right. You do not need to adjust its ph. You still should monitor runoff ph. At least occasionally to confirm the soil is in range.

It looks like your plants will be ready for a bigger pot soon.


@Highwayman420 Runoff Ppm is at 2720 on the 500 scale

Thanks @beardless I wanted another set of leaves then they would get topped and transplanted but they hadn’t shown signs of needing more food yet


Sometimes plants start off weird and then grow out of it. I’d give her some more time and see what she does


That’s pretty high, not hungry at all lol. That’s why I hate soil, coco is much easier to regulate. But I would transplant soon and remeasure the ppm on run off after a bit.


Hoping that’s the case! Never used this seed bank before and likely won’t again, pacific seed bank, awful customer service and sent me 2 autos for Northern lights instead of photo and then blamed me for it haha. I realise the irony of stating that on a forum that has its own bank, live and learn.


I might be helicopter parenting it for now haha, my first organic Grow so there’s some nerves, I’ll see how she goes from here!


I don’t measure runoff anymore being in coco, but I was told to keep ppm around 1000 at runoff. It’s been a minute though lol.


Way too early to top. Wait for 5 or six nodes. They need all the leaves they have to develop strong roots. If they are autos I might push it to four but not my first choice.

This plant has six nodes. Topped above 4th.

Edit to add ppm comment.
I would not be too worried about 2700 ppm. I don’t know what you added anything but I use to use ocean forest. I would put a little buffer in the pot when planting seedling or transplanting. I would have monstrous run off numbers. Unless you have watered several times to significant runoff amounts, what can I say soil is soil.
I now use coco - very little guessing about runoff numbers. Other than at first because I hydrate the bricks with a full load of Jack’s. I am just now dropping below 2000 after 40 days while feeding at 800 to bring it down.


I use to worry about the mutated leaves on some plants in the beginning but give it time and she’ll grow out of it.


Here’s one I never fully understood, if my soil slurry test with unadjusted water that has let the chlorine evaporate is at 6.6ph, does it matter what the pH of the water is when I feed?

My water seems to be at 7.8ph right now but then the slurry brings the pH to 6.5.

I adjusted the last batch of water before feeding but just wondering if I even need to with the ph buffers in the organic soil


Thanks I knew it was too early, I wanted to do it before transplant but might need to get them in their bigger pots first

That’s reassuring thank you!

Absolutely PH the water before feeding it to a plant. That high of PH going in and the roots won’t be able to absorb all the nutrients. 6.8-7.0 PH going in for soil. Either way 7.8 going in is really high. This is most likely the cause of the slightly less green color due to PH fluctuations. Adjust the PH to soil range from here on out and let her go. This might also explain the higher PPM on runoff, she’s not absorbing anything at a high PH.


That’s good to know although the last batch of water was adjusted, its just that I took it to about 5.2 by accident and had to raise it so I wondered if the excess of phosphorous acid or potassium carbonate was causing some issues

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Could be, alot of organic growers use stuff like vinegar and other stuff to bring PH up and down. I have no knowledge on this, but GH PH up and down is a straight up chemical. So treat it as such and use as little as possible to get to where you need to be. What I do if I go too low, dump some water out of the container you just PH-ed and add more straight water to bring PH up again. You have a good PH pen correct?

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That’s a good idea, I’ve heard of using lemon juice also. I have the Dr meter ph pen so I would assume that’s a good one. Calibrated it about a week ago.

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As long as you can calibrate it accurately, you’re good.

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