Boring pest never encountered before

The only advice I can give you is. Spread diatomaceous earth DE Food
Grade (ONLY)

Without pictures or a description there is no way for anyone to givre you
an educated answer. best we can do is guess. I say it is possibly worms,
and DE will solve the issue. Unfortunately; It will not bring the roots

As you see brances dying. Prune them off. This might allow some new
growth, or at least will allow plant to concentrate energy to the healthy
part, instead of trying to heal…


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Thank you for advice. I will do that. I went to a nursery and was told it’s most likely field mice. I used some root stimulator and hope that helps. They seem to still be doing well so I guess with a little mouse prevention I can bring them back. They are flowering really well and she said the root stim will help the flowering process.
I hope this helps someone else. Have a great day.
Thanks again.

How to kill corn borers in my outdoor marijuana garden? looks like dipel is the only hope

I was hoping someone can let me know what is going on with plants. I’m using fish emulsion, the good stuff, and roots Tim. Has not resolved the mottled look on the leaves. Any idea what I can do to correct.
Thanks guys.


Let’s have you start your own topic! @Lesvanshock +New Topic in the upper right and tag me @bob31 and I will get you a support ticket and help you get this resolved for you.

what happened to this?

i believe @Swisha was right in that it is a european corn bore. BT works on them.

i have them on my plants


what is pictured is the hole that the bore makes, it enters the plant and eats up into it.@latewood