Boring pest never encountered before


30 years+ growing in California. Recently moved to the Midwest and have encountered a pest I’ve never seen before. This pest bores a small pinhole into the stock and creates a swelling at the site. Any thoughts or advise is appreciated.


@Hogmaster any thoughts here I’m at a loose without seeing the actual pest ?
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There is a type of caterpillar that does that. Corn borer caterpillar is the name of it I believe.


Thanks, Countryboy. I haven’t seen the critter, either; just the results.


I cannot see it very weel (blind), and it is blurry. It looks like a ladybug larvae. Good thing :smiley: Do a google serch for ladybug larvae. Newborn


Thanks, Swisha. I’ve seen those moths but the caterpillar seems too big to make that small of a hole in the stock. However, this area is heavy with corn fields so I think you have given me a good start on a solution to this problem.


It is not a caterpillar.


Need a better picture. Ladybugs do not make holes in the stem, neither do caterpillars. They just eat a big section at a time.


It may not be a problem until you identify the bug. Don’t just go providing a remedy that may be bad for your beneficial bugs.

Mention of cornfields makes me think of cutworms. Look that up also and get a decent clear picture. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Latewood. The ladybug larva seems too large to make the hole that i’m seeing. I haven’t seen a lot of ladybugs around here, but we do have a lot of a similar bug that is referred to as some kind of Japanese beetle and it plays hell with the tomato plants. Another possible cause to look into.


Yes, that’s been my experience. My biggest nightmare in California were those white moths and their caterpillars.


Thought I had a nice shot of it. I’ll get back out there and try again. Might be the low resolution of the photo.


@latewood If caterpillars don’t make holes why would they call it a corn borer caterpillar. Do a little research.


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Sorry for the lag. I seem to be restricted on posts. @Swisha @countryboyjvd1971 @latewood Thanks for all your advise. Short of dissecting a plant I think that the corn borer is the culprit here. Now to research a solution.


They eat chunks out of the side of a tomato. then leave at daylight. You come out and it looks like something small took a big bite, chunk whatever.

I have a commercial greenhouse; I think I have a clue. :roll_eyes:

p.s. We are talking about identifying the bug in the image.


Hi latewood,
I hope you can help me. I have plants outside and noticed a couple were leaning to one side. I took one out of the pot gently and noticed the whole side of roots was gone. Obviously something is eating them but I could not see what it was. What should I do. I’m so bummed. :disappointed_relieved:


Check for ants.