Borderliner xtrm getting close

cant wait for this to rock my world!!!


Looking good! How long do you think? How do the trichomes look?

She’s a beauty! Let us know how she smokes when you get to that point :wink:

thanks bud. 3 weeks i think. the tricomes are still Crystal clear :grin:

will do man, cant wait for this one.

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Really nice lookin buds! @Mickanooch

thanks man! im trying to get better at this growing craft!


I have about the same is it ready for harvest or wait another week?

So look for amber trickles not brown hairs

Tricomes amber

im going to flush her out with plain water tomorrow for 10 days- 2 weeks. the tricomes are starting to turn cloudy now but its still got enough white hairs for me to want to let it fatten up a bit. so you have borderliner too? post pics lets have a look :grin:

How do I get the picture from my gallery and post


when you press reply arrow can u see upload button bottom right corner. press that and go to documents and then gallery man!

I took another pic and it uploaded automatically

nice bro. i reckon if you start flushing for two weeks by then she’ll be perfect! you in aus?