Borderliner scrog

Hi all just got a borderliner sprout to come up tonight been in the dwc bucket for two days going to scrog and keep track of this grow.


Nice @JoshawaM
If you have any questions just tag me and I’ll assist if possible :+1:
Happy growing and welcome to the friendliest forum online
We all have the same common goal to grow great medicine and like to share our knowledge

Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m not new just a new profile got locked out of my old one always appreciate in put though

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Then it’s all good then bro not sure why you got locked out but if it was a log in issue
You may be able to merge the two accounts
I’ll be following along anyway
@Hogmaster an this be done ?

Yeah it was a login issue an i was trying to get them mergered they did it for me before but i haven’t got a response an really don’t know what channels to go through since the changes made

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Let me see if i can find out what channels you need to follow @JoshawaM

Thanks brother last time i messaged claire an she got it done this time it wasn’t claire an all they did was tell me the store an forum were separate now

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Ok let me talk to a few people @JoshawaM

@JoshawaM you’ll need to get @latewood on this one I believe he’s the only one who can fix this fir you

Thanks brother. Hey @latewood how could i get my profiles merged?

@latewood any help would be appreciated

@Wishingilivedina420state this is my borderliner scrog but she is just came up not ready to scrog just yet when lights come on in my breeding room i will start an tag you in that

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Thanks @JoshawaM , I’ll be watching

Not a problem she’s only been in the dwc bucket for two days and is already standing when I get home i will put the first pic up

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20171021_194101 baby borderliner 3 days from seed