Booster schedule

I’m growing sativa strains indoors under skylight sunlight. First sprouts came up April 14. I plan to let plants grow until Oct. I assume they will be in veg until June 21 then naturally switch to flowering as day shortens. The question I have is when to switch from Grow to Flower Booster and Mass Booster and how long for each? Thanks.

Then you would continue to feed it “Growth”(veg) until the night/dark period neared the 10+ to 11ish or more hours of darkness and then the rest of the “Bloom”(flower) schedule would be adapted to be pretty close to the same length expected for the flowering length of your particular strain.

Latewood has more experience with the booster and the experience with outdoor growing and will likely be able elaborate further, and I believe he may have spoken with Robert and Dennis about the specifics of the booster, and so he would know better than I, but I think what i said above should be generally pretty much how it works.

Thanks. Do you just feed once a week with regular water in between or always use water mixed with booster? I’m using good quality professional soil mix not hydroponics.

You would alternate water and booster depending on the need. More often with pure water than with booster, to maintain the EC/TDS/PPM levels in the soil near the same numbers as is recommended in the schedule. But as I’m not really the outdoor nor soil guy, I’ll defer to latewood. However I believe you might not even have to use much food at all in the beginning with a really good soil mix, and if you do use too much in the beginning, adding it with what is already in the soil could cause nute burn, as it already has a lot of nutrients contained in it. Then later as those nutrients run out you would start adding the Booster.

Also when you say regular water, always be sure you have properly pH’ed water to maintain the proper pH in your soil, cheeking the pH of the soil itself is also generally a must to keep your plant healthy for the long haul.

Latewood can probably elaborate further.

You are correct MacG,
If they have really good soil…I use Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
I started 3 different strain’s from seed…OG KRUCH, NORTHERN
LIGHT and SUPER SKUNK and I have NOT FED them yet. It’s been as of today 29 day’s and they all look great with water only every other day /400w hps
If I were to add any nutrients at any time they will surely show nut burn. The plants will show me when they are ready for more food.
I added this pic I took the pic just before I hit reply


I would go with the Grow until June 21. Then use the Flower Booster for approx. 1/2 of flowering period. The Mass Booster I would blend in as described in my tutorial on Marijuana Booster, then use the Mass Booster by itself in the last 4 weeks before flushing. The Booster line is a fairly new brand, but I have seen great results when using this formula. I.E. We are all still learning to use these nutrients, and I believe they can be manipulated, much like the way experienced growers use GH 3-part. (many different variations). Hope this helps.