Booster Nutrient EC/TDS

One question regarding the marijuana booster i purchased

Checking the EC when making food solution 1mill=0.4, I am not sure if this is correct as it is well below the feeding schedule.

My EC/TDS meter is calibrated correctly the base water is tap water settled at room temp for 24hrs is EC=0.1

Ph of solution is 6.3 after adding Ph adjuster

Can you confirm if this is correct or can i add more food to increase EC?

many thanks


1mil per what?=0.4

Maybe check out these two links, they might be of help.


HI Mac

thanks for the reply my apologies for committing the volume.

I am working in the metric system so 1ml booster per litre of water equates to the lower EC reading

I was advised by one of the ladies in the office to add more food to lift the EC reading my concern is that the amount of food will well exceed the recommended does on the feeding and watering chart.

I would appreciate if you concur with adding more than 2ml to attain an EC reading of 1.2.

My grow in in soil and perlite ration 30% soil and 70% perlite

Yes I had read both those articles you posted before I made this post.

I hope this clarifies better for you



I personally have not had a chance to use the booster yet, so I’ll tag @latewood to this convo so he can give you his 2 cents :wink:


many thanks



also i have checked my EC meter against another fertiliser mix and the EC reading is correct with the manufactures recommended EC for the advised dosage

i do not under stand why the booster does not relate at all to the feeding chart provided the EC is way to low

look forward to your knowledge and advise



After testing booster solution in 1 litre in 1 ml increments it took 4ml booster/litre to attain
EC 1.1


  1. will 4ml/litre be ok to feed plants as this is double the feeding schedule recommendation
  2. is the booster solution i purchased watered down or diluted? from the EC reading it appears to be 50% concentration?

look forward to your advice please



If you are targeting an exact EC of 1.2, then you add concentrate until you get to 1.2; Regardless of what is on the bottle.

You really are not doing a soil grow with 70% perlite. You are going to have to monitor how fast your medium dries up. It will be a shorter period of time between feedings.

Hi Latewood

Thank you for your reply it is warmly received. Yes I will keep a close eye on the water situation.

Have a great day