Books that are must haves

I have done a lot of internet researxh as far as books go and i know that the books here on ilgm ar awesome but i kept coming across a book by jorge cervantes called marijuana encyclopedia that hasnt gotten a bad review said its also a must have was curious on ur thoughts out there on this slecific book as well as any other must haves? Anyone even read this book?

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All book by him are good - but now a days you can up-load many publications free. If you can’t find any sites let me know. But using the internet you CAN get all information needed (Best Seed Bank Review - check it out) This site is listed also

If you are looking for some place to buy a book I can recommend you to go online, there are a lot of online book stores where you can read for free or purchase at a very little price the book you want. Or you can even download some online book reader ​​​​​​ for example and read from you device even if you are out of the internet. I haven’t used such methods because I prefer paper books but my friend told that I read books online free here at and forget about any issues with paper books.