Booble's First Grow Ever - OG Kush Auto

Day 25

I think everything is going well. pH going in always 6.5, no nutrients yet.

Checked runoff ppm, it’s around 1000.

Plan is to start adding calmag with water. Anyone have some input on when to start bloom nutrients?

Most recent pictures.

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When I used the FFOF I started feeding at between 800/1000 ppms runoff dependent on the plant itself. So your in the window. Start with about half dose and see how she reacts.

@Audiofreak Thank you. I’ll start with low doses and see how it goes.

I’m excited they even got to this point lol.

I think day 26?

Temps around 74 lights on 69 lights off
Humidity pretty locked in the whole time at 60-63
Adding 1/4 calmag to water
Going to start bloom nutrients 1/4 strength next watering
Going about 1 liter every 2-3 days right now. Probably going to be more soon.

I tried some lst this grow and I don’t think I did a great job. But first grow I am learning.

This morning I watered and moved some leaves around to try and get light to power spots.

I think it’s going pretty well still. Been reading alot of other people’s grow journals and learning.

As always if anyone sees I’m doing something wrong let me know, very willing to change things to help them grow.

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