Booble's First Grow Ever - OG Kush Auto

Day 25

I think everything is going well. pH going in always 6.5, no nutrients yet.

Checked runoff ppm, it’s around 1000.

Plan is to start adding calmag with water. Anyone have some input on when to start bloom nutrients?

Most recent pictures.

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When I used the FFOF I started feeding at between 800/1000 ppms runoff dependent on the plant itself. So your in the window. Start with about half dose and see how she reacts.

@Audiofreak Thank you. I’ll start with low doses and see how it goes.

I’m excited they even got to this point lol.

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I think day 26?

Temps around 74 lights on 69 lights off
Humidity pretty locked in the whole time at 60-63
Adding 1/4 calmag to water
Going to start bloom nutrients 1/4 strength next watering
Going about 1 liter every 2-3 days right now. Probably going to be more soon.

I tried some lst this grow and I don’t think I did a great job. But first grow I am learning.

This morning I watered and moved some leaves around to try and get light to power spots.

I think it’s going pretty well still. Been reading alot of other people’s grow journals and learning.

As always if anyone sees I’m doing something wrong let me know, very willing to change things to help them grow.

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Day 30
Temps around 73
Humidity around 60
Adding calmag to every water
So far only fed once with 1/4 bloom nutes and calmag together. Plan is to feed with nutes once every week.
All water pH 6.4 - 6.5

7 gallon fabric pots FFOF soil
Og Kush Auto
Mars hydro 600 and 1000 lights been slowly putting up the 1000 to 100%. Around 85 right now.

I think everything is going well. If anyone has suggestions please speak up. Always welcome.

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Looking great so far

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Day 32
Temps around 73
Humidity around 60
Adding calmag to every water
All water pH 6.4 - 6.5
Been fed once with 1/4 bloom nutrients.

Watered them a small amount today. I want them to be dry by Thursday/Friday so I can feed them and water them for the weekend. I’m going away a few days.

Next watering will be about 750-1000ppm bloom nutrients + calmag till runoff.

They shot up the last couple days, haven’t had a ton of time to check on them. Had to move my lights up they were like 5 inches away. Starting to notice a smell when very close to them.

Day 33
Temps 75ish
Humidity 61ish
Letting them dry out till Thursday or Friday. Been growing alot.

The difference between the 2 plants is very apparent. Only difference is the light above them. The 600 is much less bushy than the 1000.

Day 39
Temps 75
Humidity 62
Calmag every water
Once a week adding nutrients. 1000 ppm
Watering little over half gallon every 2-3 days always pH 6.3 - 6.5

I cut a few leaves off to let some light get through the plants the other day. Only a handful.

Still interesting to see the difference between the 2 plants under different strength lights.

As always if anyone has any suggestions or critiques please voice them. First grow learning alot.


Had some time to check over the plants more thoroughly. Noticed a few leaves that look like this.

Discolored and curling?

It’s only on like 3 leaves on the whole plant?

I looked through what deficiency it could be but I couldn’t decide on any.

Any thoughts?

Day 45
Temps around 72
Humidity around 62

The last week or so I noticed the plant under the stronger light is less green. I think the light was a little strong so I turned it down. I’ll move both lights up soon slightly.

I also think I need to start adding slightly more cal mag
Going to go with 4ml per plant. I have not seen any more leaves change since I turned the Oscillating fan to a different direction so I think that was my problem before.

I did turn the duct fan on to get the humidity down and also some of the smell out of the house. It’s been really humid here and it was getting up to 71 in that room. Duct fan on low brought it back down to 61.

Also trimmed off some fan leaves from both plants. Some that were covering other parts and some that would never see light.

Day 47
Temps around 75
Humidity around 65
Been super humid here still
The duct fan on low takes off about 5% humidity so that’s good

Upped the calmag and also dimmed the light. I think the top of the plants were getting too much light. Also no new leaves that are wind burned. I think the Oscillating fan was causing problems

Feeding nutrients once a week right now. I’m getting 1000ppm in at 6.1 - 6.5 pH

Getting out 900ish ppm and 6.5pH

I think that’s good.

I think I’ll up the nutrients again next feeding to maybe 1200ppm or 1300.

Also trimmed a bunch of fan leaves off. Anything that wasn’t getting light down low or was blocking lower sites was taken off. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks for all the help guys

Day 52

Temps 74ish
Humidity 65ish
Been very humid outside here so room humidity is higher than usual. Started going down today

Watering every 2-3 days with 4ml calmag about a gallon each. pH 6.5

Feeding once a week with 1300ppm bloom nutrients. Also about a gallon. pH 6.1

I’ve trimmed leaves off them a few times. Getting air flow through the branches and trying to get light down lower through the plant.

I’ve also been turning the plants every day to face a different direction. Seeing if that will help get light to everything.

I am not switching places under each light cause I want to see the difference between the 600 and 1000 light in flowering.

Looks like the tips of some of the leaves are burned. My best guess is nutrient burn because I upped the ppm from 1000 to 1300. I’ll back it back down. Just the top 1-2 mm is burned on some of the leaves.

Lesson learned.

Day 56
Temps 75ish
Humidity 61ish

Just a progress update. Plants I think are doing well. The tip burning had not progressed so I think it was slight nutrient burn. Back to watering with just calmag. I’ll bring down the ppm next feed.

Biggest differences so far with the 2 plants. The 1000 light plant is much bushier than the 600. But the 600 seems farther along? May have to harvest 1 first. Not a problem.

Trimmed them both again. Got rid of some big fan leaves and also some that were blocking lower sites.

Seems to be going well right now.


Day 62
Temps 74
Humidity 63

Going well, tips of leaves stopped changing color. Lowered the ppm to around 800-1000ppm once a week.

All other watering is with just 4-5ml calmag

Been trimming some fan leaves off every once in a while. Mostly to get air flow through the plant and to get light down lower.

The 600 light plant is still filling out looking pretty good. Not as bushy still as the 1000.

The 1000 is finally filling out better. And I’ve noticed it is drinking much more water now. I may have to start watering that one more than the other.

Still turning both about a quarter turn every day. Also pulled some of the 1000 plants branches away from the lmiddle with some wire to expose more of the flowering sites.

After posting. Just noticed that the pictures make the pistils look much more amber than they really are. That’s interesting. In person at least 80% are still very white. Probably to do with the lights and the phone camera.

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Day 66
Temps 75
Humidity 58. (starting to be less humid outside so this will go down, finally)

The plants are now on different watering schedules. Not a big deal.

Next watering will be with nutrients. I’ve been going about 2 to 3 waterings with just calmag and then one with nutrients. Its been about once a week.

Yesterday I moved the 1000 light up. I think it was starting to burn the top of the plant.

Also getting this interesting top of pistils at the very top of the 1000 plant. Anyone have a thought on that? I’m. Not concerned just don’t know why.

Took some close up pictures with the new magnifying USB camera. Does a pretty good job. I know they aren’t close to done yet, but I wanted to see a closer view.

Day 70
Temp 72
Humidity 61

Let the plants get real dry this time before watering. I felt like I was watering a little too often. They didn’t seem to mind.

I was hoping this was going to be the last time I fed them nutrients but we will see.

I would like to start the 2 weeks of just water, but it’s possible they will need more than 2 weeks. Pistils are changing daily and from what I can see the trichomes are getting pretty cloudy.


Very exciting booble! I can’t wait to see what you harvest… im new too. On my first grow and only 2 weeks in… I’ll follow you the rest of the way! Looks good! Stay up!:slightly_smiling_face: