Booble's First Grow Ever - OG Kush Auto

Hi Everyone.
Been lurking through the site for a little while trying to absorb as much info as possible. I think I have a basic understanding of what’s going on but would gladly appreciate any help if I am doing something wrong.
This will be my first grow. I started buying stuff to grow a while ago and didn’t have the time to start it up so some stuff was bought before finding this site. I’m sure I have bought some things that could be upgraded or changed but it’s what I have right now. So we will see how it does.

4’x8’x6.5’ area in basement.
Temporary walls set up with Mylar film
2x OG Kush Autoflower seeds from ILGM
75% Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil + 25% Peralite
7 gallon Fabric Grow bags
1x Mars Hydro TS 600W light
Hydrofarm 6" duct Fan - Blowing straight outside
Vivosun 6" Carbon Filter
Temp + Humidity Monitor
Oscillating fan - Once they get bigger
Dehumidifier at house if needed
pH down to add to Tap water.
pH meter

Have bloom nutrients for later on
Do I need to order any other nutrients? From what I read the Ocean Forest soil has enough to keep the plant healthy till flowering?

I think that’s about it for the setup. My plan is to grow 2 plants now and if this goes well, upgrade the light and add more plants. Right now I can’t really upgrade anything cause my wife would kill me if I spent any more money on this. Was supposed to be a somewhat cheap hobby, she had a different opinion on what cheap was… oops :upside_down_face:

So far I think everything is going well.
Room Temp light on : 72-75
Room Temp light off : 65-68
Humidity : 55% - 65%
Water pH : 6.1-6.5

I started the seeds off in water and Hydrogen Peroxide. They broke out of the shells in about 2 days.
Planted them root down in the 7 gallon pots.
Covered them with a dome made from cut water bottle.
Watered them with enough water to get runoff once.
Sprayed the soil twice a day. until they came out.
So far watering every other day with a small amount of water.

Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong. And thanks for all the help already with reading other topics. :smiley:


Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community.

Good stuff. Two comments. If using a dome very little of soil watering is necessary. Maybe a couple of ml of water per day. Any more puts the seedling at risk of damping off. The Mars that you have is a 100 watt light. You are going to want more lighting as the plants get older for proper growth.


Thanks for the welcome.

That first picture is older, I’ve taken the dome off of them. I will look into more light, don’t know if I can spend more on this right now. Maybe later in the grow.

Also forgot to add they sprouted on June 25th

I think I was watering a little too much. Dropped down to every other day and they started to grow a little more.
As for the light, this grow may be an experiment to see how much I can get from this small light. Few other things came up around the house and don’t have the extra money to spend.

Here is 6 days from sprouting.


The first grow is so exciting. Welcome to the party

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With that soil you need a good Ph pen and a TDS pen. Pay attention to those numbers as they will tell you when to start feeding and how much. Measure input and runoff.

Thanks for the suggestion. Already had the pH pen just ordered the other. So far water going in is 6.7 pH. Watering about 100mL every other day in a ring around the plants.

No nutrients yet. Won’t start that till later. I think people have said ocean forest soil has nutrients for about 4 weeks. But once I get the ppm pen I’ll check that.

Day 8 I think


Day 10. Still watering every other day. No nutrients.
About 100ml each

1 question. I have an Oscillating fan that I have turned on a few times but it drops the temp to about 69 vs 73ish should I just go without the fan or is it better to keep it on?

Keeping the air moving around the plant is a good thing. Just dont blast right at it.

@Audiofreak sweet thanks. I’ll keep it going off and on. I was just worried about the Temps getting too low

Day 12
Room temp: 65-73
Humidity: about 59-63
No nutrients
Fan blowing off and on
About 150ml water. Probably up it more next time I water them.

Day 14
Room temp: 70ish
Humidity: 59-62
No nutrients yet
Just upped the water to 250ml each. I think I’ll up it again soon.

I did order another light. Mars hydro ts1000.
With the 1000 and the 600. I should have 250 watts from thr wall. So hopefully I’m in good shape. Should be here in about a week.

1 question, should I ease the plants into getting more light or just hang the next one up at a similar height as the first?

Thank you.

The TS1000 isn’t a crazy light hang it the same height and cut the power down… adjust power down more if the node spacing gets too tight… crank it up if the spacing gets too big.


@Underthestairs Awesome Thanks.

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Day 16
Room temp: 70ish
Humidity: 60 - 65
No nutrients
Upped the water to 400ml in a circle around the plants

Next question: I plan on trying to lst the plants. When should I start doing that? Thank you

Day 18
Room temp: 71ish
Humidity: 60 - 65
No nutrients
water to 400ml in a circle around the plants

New Light came in. Now I have a Mars 600 and 1000. Should be about 250 watt from the wall. The 1000 is at about %60 power right now.

Going to start lst tonight I think or tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve learned enough from pictures online.

Day 20
Room temp: 71ish
Humidity: 60 - 65
No nutrients
water to 400ml in a circle around the plants, probably up this again next time.

Started some lst. We will see how I do

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Looks good. Theyre nice and green

@Gremmall thanks I hope they stay that way haha

Day 24
Temp 71ish
Humidity 62-65
No nutrients yet
I went away for the weekend so I watered a little extra. I’ll let them dry out for an extra day and then my plan is to water till runoff and wheck the ppm of the runoff to see if I need to start giving nutrients.

Anyone have anything against that? Looking for any advice. First time growing so a little unsure.

Also tried some lst. Should I be trimming any leaves off?

Thank you