Bonsai my weed - training room

Maybe Use clones… Choose the Branche that has the anatomy you like??? Just spit baling :man_shrugging:

Truthfully I don’t know where to begin but I like the idea of growing them fro seed , clones make sense since they will obtain a ancient look easily,my guess

I’m not trying to top , I’m really lost of what the plant can do , I need to get intimate with her

You have to top to bonsai no doubt… its gonna be a fine line to do this of over defoling under defoling and topping … if you dont top and repeatedly do it …it will simply grow strait up and you’ll be growing a jack in the beanstalk novelty :joy:
here’s a lil bit of info when worrying about stressfully training a plant by topping … when topping it’s way better to have more roots below the soil then biomass of leave above soil… if you you have more or less of either the plant will grow slow… above and below should be pretty similar biomass…this is true in cloning… it’s hard to support a large clone with minimal roots… that’s why most ppl clone small branches… there are techniques to take large branch clones to skip some time… (research air layering very cool technique I do this often when cloning mangoes and citrus) …but what I’m getting at as the roots grow and you hold back the leaves the plant will survive but grow slow because the reduced photosynthesis… so essentially as long as you have a couple leaves on a single trunk plant it will live and it will grow slow… if you let its legs catch in conjunction with the roots… you will get root bound quickly… more leaves the faster root production and more roots faster leaf production… so your gonna have to do all in sync… but dont be afraid it’s hard to kill a short established plant with topping but a bigger plant where you are removing a much larger portion if biomass that when you have negative shock set it :v::sunglasses:

I don’t know might give it a try

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It’s easy man… let it grownupnto 5th node
Top it down to the second (only after they start poking new branches out the nodes… then you …should …have 4 potential branches starting to show out the 4 leaves left… let it settle…to much to fast will also shock and kill
Atleast wait a few days …if leaves are up and you see new growth your good it’s not shocked… theres no text book way to do it or any garuntees…
One suggestion definatley drop a few seeds and do each one just a lil different…leave one more node… wait longer to remove things you might see growth patterns you want to do or not…maybe off set there life cycles a little and stagger there training days because you can see effects of one technique… if you like what’s happening do it to the next one… if you dont do it different…but I got a feeling your gonna need to super crop top and tie stalk down… super cropping is gonna give your robust stalk that your looking for in the quintessential bonsai you think about in your head… you pinch a skinny branch and it will over compensate and bulk up the pinched area with a knuckle…say the branch you pinch and mush is 1/16 of an inch in diameter… when you pinch it and it heals the branch might he 1/8 of an inch above and below the pinch when healed …but the pinch will probably he a 1/4 inch and hard as a rock and much stronger…
It’s much stronger then the virgin untouched stalk… this is why ppl super crop it off sets branches… when you top with a super crop …all side branching that is vigorous will immediately start growing up and stead of diagonally out because when a plants topped it goes into survival mode and trys to replace its top with a lower branch …so lower growth become more vigorous to contend as a potential top…

That above is a lil insight to why but super cropping is gonna give you slowed thick robust stalk and you keep the top trimmed you’ll have a cool lookin plant… it’s best to super crop when branches are young and soft… as branches get older they harden off and are much.more likely to snap off if not aware of the potential when bending older branches… when I want to crop olderbranches… I turn scissors around and use the handles as like finger guards or extensions of the fingers so you can pinch with the scissor handles instead of your fingers… make sence? If not you will when you try and super crop an old branch… they can be almost as hard as a pencil… you need some real force to pinch a branch like this… it was nerve racking at first but it’s a daily task when growing once you see its benifits you will Supercrop ever plant you ever grow from here out bonsai or not it’s just a great tecnique

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28 days later

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so this is the progress


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. 62 day


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I really need to train her …

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Will see how she looks in a couple of weeks