Bonsai my weed - training room

Welcome :pray:

--not me -

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Best bonsai weed with Photoshop😉

Very nice Plant I think It can be done

I saw attempts… Main problem seems to be that it’s an anual plant and extending her life seems to come with a couple of issues…

that picture is photoshoped!!!

I would say bud example -.- I’ll start with mine soon just want to get a pot first

You can do it but you need to top top top top top … you can shave stalk and slather with honey but that can allow pathogens in the but it can be done… with that same kinda bowl

Well that what this is all about see how it grows , hope for a beautiful plant I can have in my desk


I love the enthusiasm @Randy_Marsh ! I have a struggling money tree on my desk. Hahahahaha!


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I can grow actual money in my tent but not on the desk apparently

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Nice bro , you just need some fancy pot so we can start training… so they look the part

I mean I have mine in training already , she got too big before I decided to work with her

, but for learning purposes she’s perfect a good size to start


Thats beautiful! @Randy_Marsh

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I have the fancy pots(wife’s obsession). Im tempted to start a Bruce banner and put it to the test. If I piss it off enough… incredible hulk!

Thank you bro I want to get her on top of a rock 🪨

Yeah I would say runts would be the best option to put them to use, if they are thriving they are gonna grow big leaves , and that’s a really big problem for ratio-tree trunk to leaf -I still don’t have harvest to smoke so I still buy chunks I hear they come from Cali , but they ok I mean they get me high , do want to do a post for improvement somebody’s weed since I’m receiving a lot of seed in those chunks and I like keeping myself entertained while flower tent it’s not ready - that’s where all this extra plants come from free seeds from the chunk

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To be honest, I never thought of just growing them to see… I have tons of unknown seed and should be planting them wherever I can just for the fun of it. I have around 100 house plants, a veggie garden and a tent going. Why not?!

Yeah sometimes it gets slow and have to come up with projects an experiments just to get trough , might even flip some really small plants just to see … that’s what it’s all about having fun and making jars in the process

I think this mother is around 30 weeks old, a clone from last summer grow


Stem is looking good , getting that ancient feel on the trunk , yeah same trying to get some mother’s run a 2x4 so gotta make sure they are small

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Bonsai will start better with a fatter trunk and less leaves… top that thing down to the 2nd node and let it go then top it back down to the new second node… you want the trunk to form a “butress” like a cypress tree…wide at bottom and thin up top … less leaves will slow it down as well :v::sunglasses: