Bonjoyle's Continuing grow journal

Wow! What light did you switch to?

The 350r from the cannacon. I went back on Sunday when HLG broke down the booth and picked it up for 350.00. It is the 2023 model with the evo diodes.

The first grow I was still using the TS1000 150w light from Mars.

I totally forgot about the sweet deal you got! I know when I switched from the blurples to an HLG the change in growth and bud was amazing.

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I also added the UVA30 from them and have been running it for 1 hour a day starting on the beginning of the 3rd week of flower. Since Monday. I cannot wait til Christmas/New years when she will be ready to chop. Very excited to see what these changes will produce.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam Jane!!

13 Week update pics


I believe the UVA is doing its thing. I do not remember this many trichs this early. Gonna grab the same age plant from the last for compare pics.
Current GFOG at 3 weeks in flower

Prior GFOG at 4 weeks flower. Didn’t have a pic at exact same time frame in growth


Just ordered some Ol Skool Acapulco Gold. A Land Race strain. We shall see if it is like it was back in the late 70’s -80’s. Used to love that smoke.

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Cool pics


Week 15


I started this bean for a buddy. BB Muffin from Humboldt. I used it for my addition to the Tips and Tricks for germing thread. When it was time to hand off, my dude ghosted me and within days since I did not have a place for her, she started showing signs of stress.

Once I knew I was keeping her, I got my old tent and light from my son and had a conversation with her about who will be taking care of her and that she would not be leaving. Tell me plants cant understand english haha! Look at her now.

I will let her grow out a few more nodes. remove all of the damaged leaves and transplant her. I am gonna let her do her own thing since I am unfamiliar with this strain and see what she does.


Got my AG today. Cant wait to drop one.


Interesting technique… Have you ever considered electrical tape… I don’t remember who it was, but somebody on this forum recommended it to me once… It’s flexible… And it tears… It works great for those kind of injuries… I’ve even used it as a kind of band aid when I’ve removed lst clips and it accidentally takes a chunk with it… As the plant heals and grows, it’ll literally “hulk” out of the tape… This is a great example… I accidentally split her, same as you, thus the tape around the stalk… The tape around those branches is because when removing clips a chunk of the branch came off… I didn’t want it getting infected… If that’s even possible… I figure open wounds on any living thing is prob not good… Sooooo

You might notice she’s beasting through the tape on her stalk