Bonjoyle's Continuing grow journal

Happy Birthbay 8/29!


I bought my ticket for the cannacon!


Sweet. Makin BBQ sauce next week. I took the whole week off after labor day. You are halfway between here and there huh? I thought you n tarzan lived somewhere not the mile high. I work in Thornton. Small :earth_americas:

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I work in Wheat Ridge. We live SE of Rocky Flats. Used to be on the edge of town but it has spread west with all the new development.

I totally thought you lived in like NC or something which is why offered the ride more than once. :joy:

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LOL! I will take a ride from the con to your place - can’t wait for those ribs!


This lil girl is a go getter.
In :droplet: for only 12 hours when tail peeked out. In napkin for another 12 tail grew 1/2". Now, 24 hours since above ground she is 1.5" tall. Hope she keeps growing at this pace.

If it loads and you can view it, check out the footwork on this guy. His opponent is just standing there taking punches.

ok…hope you had a great day and got to eat lots of cake and smoke all you wanted…

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Here is my wishlist. If anyone would like to just go ahead and surprise me.

All Indica dominant. List is Highest to lowest THC levels;
Dosidos - 70/30 - 30%
GFOG - 60/40 - 30%
Banana Kush - 60/40 - 27%
Skywalker OG - 80/20 - 26%
GG#4 - 50/50 - 26%
Wedding Cake - 70/30 - 25%
Fire OG - 70/30 - 24%

Add some of that to what I am picking up at the Denver Cannacon and I will be golden on seeds for years.

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Week 2

48 hrs later…Get it girl.

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Week 3

Transplant day

3 day bounce back

Im sorry. Wow. Guess until today yall been mind readers.

GFOG Photo from ILGM
Soil: Happy Frog, Ocean Forest and Coco Loco with 20% perlite
Im a transplanter so from seed to harvest she lives in 4 homes
Water only until 4th week of flower
Calmag, mollasses and epsom as needed. Rhino skin 2nd watering after each transplant
<3×3×72" tent with 2 TS1000 lights soon to be HLG350r with 1 TS1000
Oh yeah got a gnome on guard so all is good

Got the new light. Big difference. Shes happy.

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Congrats. Great light. No comparison to your old “seedling” lights. They are like a vw bug chasing a lambo.

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Yeah I thought the glasses they gave me were like a gimmick. But no, without them after I walk away from the tent I cannot see for a few seconds. Crazy difference you have to see in person.

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Today is week 4

She grew quite a bit after the new light install