BoilerGuy's Go✔️ILGM-Banana Kush

Tonight’s nug my brotha! ILGM BK.


5/9/21-- 31 DAYS SINCE
It’s been 31 days since I transplanted from solo cups to this most recent picture. Fastest and most healthy progression I’ve witnessed. I’m impressed :heavy_check_mark:

So here’s a picture 27 days ago.

And now here’s my most recent picture of them.

Now mind you, I haven’t cut ANY leafs off BESIDES when I topped the plants and cut the bottom most/first set of leafs and branches to obtain an 8 branch plant.
So no defoliation has been done. And very minimal leaf tucking.
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The one on the left looks lanky and thin what’s going on with it? Does it have a breeze and under the same lighting?

The rest look good


Yes it is, glad you noticed.
So that on is a Gold Leaf
As is the ones on the right.
Now the one in the back left is a Banana Kush. Also the smaller one on the bottom of the picture is banana, however it will not make the cut to be featured in the 5gal spring pot Autopot. However my 3 big gold leafs and that big banana in the back left made the cut and will be transplanted into the Autopots TODAY!

So the Gold Leaf that’s lanky… no different treatment… same conditions… must just be the phenotype. Looks considerably more sativa than the others!


Got a quick question for you.
I’ve got 2ct. HLG Triple 288QB Rspect both of them on and dimmed down to the minimum.
Have been vegging them with them.
Should I consider turning up the dimmer?
I just transplanted today into my 5gal Autopots and feel as if I will be slowly adjusting the time to a 12/12 over the course of 2 weeks or so starting very soon.
Just wanted to reach out and ask for your opinion. Thanks @dbrn32

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Male maybe?? :man_shrugging::thinking:

Hmm ya maybe, time will tell.
I plan on dialing back the light schedule over the course of 2 weeks starting now.
Should start to see some indication of sex soon!



Could be male due to it stretching so early. Top the plant at every top node. You will know pretty quick after that. If it doesn’t grow little nanners, you will have slowed her down a bit a spread her out.


I would definitely start increasing intensity a little at a time.


Autopots yeah!!!

I would definitely crank them up,
You should look into DLI, as this will help you more accurately dail in your lights.