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Hello! I’ve got a question for you.
4x4 footprint
1 HLG 288 triple QB
1 HLG 260 QB

In your opinion, is that enough for my footprint?
Granted I will only have 3 flowering plants in there.
And with the current size of the plants and the configuration of the 2 HLG lights it seem to work out fine. But, how fine I ask myself??

I’ve got my lovely blurples… A bloomspect 1000w… an old bloomspect 600w and viparspecta 450w… that id like to move into another tent.
Their lies my question… if I took those blurples out of my current flowering tent and left the HLG lights to continue flowering is that enough or would that be the wrong move?

If I remember correctly you’ve already recommended me 4 of the triple 288 QB… however I’ve just got this feeling that I will not be veg/flowing 4 plants in a 4x4 maybe 2 or 3

Dbrn32 Thank you!

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It will be plenty if you don’t have a lot of light going other places than canopy.

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Yes, with the 3 flowering plants and the position of the 2 HLG fixtures I believe it covers it quite nicely as the plants canopy just doesn’t cover the entire 4x4 space.

I do know that by subtracting my blurples from the flowering tent that the light simply will not be as INTENSE I would expect? But the HLG fixure seems to cover them ok… wondering how this would affect the quality/density of the buds. Thanks!

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Should be plenty of light to get dense buds. Normally two 260 kits plenty to do well in 4x4.

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Sour Diesels are transplanted into their final home.
A 3.9gal Autopot.

Root control disc>Air Dome>Perlite>Happy Frog with a healthy portion of Myco.

Not my best transplant ever. Soil was a bit too dry for my liking. Got it done though with the least amount of shock as possible.

Now in their Autopots, I mixed up 5gals of Jack’s 321 and watered in from the top of the soil, maybe 32fl oz each and then the rest of the feedwater went into the reservoir. I watched the Autopots fill up to the operating level! I can already tell I will like this system! Nice!! :heavy_check_mark:
I will give it 2 maybe 3 weeks before cycling on the air dome

@Nicky @imSICKkid Questions, Comments, concerns? I think I did alright. In a month or so I will have the XL Spring pot autopots. Advantages/disadvantages of the expanded clay pebbles vs the Perlite.


Wait, What transplant shock?!
More like I’m in shock haha :+1: :laughing:
Only 5 hours later
Autopots! Sour Diesel Auto

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I think you did great.
I’m not Jason so I haven’t done the research and development on perlite vs clay pebbles.
I know clay pebbles are widely used as a growing medium but do need to be buffed, no experience with straight perlite to be honest.

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Sweet well thanks! That’s interesting, well as you saw there’s 2 maybe 3 inches of perlite, a layer of Happy Frog, Myco kinda compacted down a bit, then of course the root ball. What’s your thoughts on when I should start using the air pump for domes?

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Your air pump will be turned on the same time your water is turned on I believe, again I don’t run them as I’m in fabric.
Your plants are going to need the system turned off for a week Mayne 5-8 days to allow the roots to grow into the air dome and reservoir.
Then ensure your not blasting it with to much air.

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Sounds like fun! Haha :rofl: but you bring up a good point I ment to do, and will go do right now.
That’s to turn off the the reservoir.
I have my feedwater already in the Autopots. So I will wait until autopots are completely dry and plants show me they’re thirsty before opening my valve.

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Top water for a couple days.domt feed through the reservoir yet its to early.

This is what you absolutely do not want to do. Dont ever let any medium get to dry to where your plants start to get droopy. You’ll kill of to many feeder roots and it will stall growth. I’ve never ran the autopot stuff so I’m no help there.

5gal at 850ppm 6.3ph. Mixed up with air stone the proper amount of Jack’s 321 per/gal.
Evenly spread amongst the 3 in the 5gal fabric pots.
Runnoff averaging 1325ppm and 6.3ph

1/21/21-- QUESTION
These are Sour Diesel Autos.
Why the difference?
Why does one have more fingers than the other when they’re both the “same”
Simply the phenotype difference I assume?
Any noticable final product difference?
:heavy_check_mark: I like the variety! :sunglasses: ILGM!
@Hellraiser @Zee @FlxerPower @Covertgrower @Dr.Zooted @Bow4Buck @OlyBoy98503 @Myfriendis410


Yes, different phenos. Variety is nice but you’ll probably like one pheno more than the other because of taste, high, etc… That’s why I’m always on the hunt for the best pheno of the bunch to keep as a clone mother.


Agreed 100% with @Hellraiser. Lol, funny thing is I had a SD auto finish last month 90% single leaves.


Really?! A single fingered plant?!

Hellraiser has it covered. They each had different parents.

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Mixed up the proper amount of Jack’s 321
Put 4.5gal of the feedwater into the reservoir and opened up the valve to send water down into the Autopots. Works flawlessly so far!

Also, because this is the first time I’ll be turning the system on for good, and one of the first good waterings it’s had in a good while, 32fl/oz each top fed too.

Also, I have been bumping the air domes on and off when I can. Soon it will be on a timer and or, continuously on.
To be determined…


Pure Indica is front left
Gold Leaf is front right
Chemdawg is in the back

And I know I can do better than that… Wait and see! :heavy_check_mark: