Bogleg's Hazy Black and Blue Grow



Last two days I’ve seen crashing PH on the GL - 5.5 yesterday morning, 5.29 this morning. Since she has a high ppm number adjusting her PH is a challenge - it took 10ml of PH Up to get it to 5.8. I will empty her out tonight and put her on Florakleen overnight, then give her a fresh reservoir tomorrow morning. I’ll be putting her at around 1000ppm for this cycle. Her ppms this morning were at 970 after I topped her off.


BCK jarred up today. Final tally 10.2oz.


Awesome haul for one plant. Great Job. :sunglasses::us:


Great job man. They look tasty


Wow, nice harvest!


GL sat on Florakleen overnight, and was refilled this morning with the following per gallon:

2.5ml Calimagic
2.5ml Armor Si
Full Lucas Formula
5ml Liquid Koolbloom
10ml Floralicious Bloom

PH is at 5.89 and PPM is at 1030.

I should also note that today concludes the 4th week of 12/12 lighting (but she had pre-flowers before 12/12 so who knows).


Now if I can get my canopy to look like yours


Let’s see how she finishes. :slight_smile:

I tried to train this one like the BCK I just harvested, but I wasn’t as aggressive and left the tops alone the last week, so I have some longer colas on this one.


Nice job @Bogleg


Awesome work @Bogleg great growing Buddy.


GL didn’t take up as much water over night as she has been - just a little over a a gallon or so. Her PH/ppm this morning was 6.0ish/1050ish (I don’t recall off the top of my head… I wrote it down somewhere)… I gave topped her off with straight condensate, and left her at 5.87/980.


Forgot to take phone down with me when I checked the plants this morning.

The GL needed a little over three gallons to top her off… I went with straight condensate, expecting she’ll be able to take another gallon tonight. Her PPM is now at 680ish and I left her PH at 5.87 (5.7 before I topped it off). I’ll get a pic tonight when the lights come back on.

Tonight I will top her off with a nutrient-laden solution and get those PPMs back up closer to 1000.


Here you go @Johnzy81 - the scrog king!


I was just getting use to Mega Farmer lol


Well that works too! I just can’t figure it out - is it the hydro, the lights, the strain or just grower talent (as the gross boss likes to say!). I think it’s all of the above combined!

Don’t let any of that go to your head Al - I was paid handsomely :wink:


@Bogleg how are you my doing I’m just setting up a Scrog and I am planning on doing it with just one plant but in soil I haven’t read through your grow journal but I am going to start it just now just one question mate if you don’t mind or anyone who can answer is the LST Topping and other Training the same when you grow with in hydro and soil.? :v:


Lmao! I think that’s a fair statement. What I appreciate about Al is that he’s clearly serious about growing, without being too serious about it. He never blames his seeds, equipment, the weather, or anything else. He always assumes that he screwed up, underestimates his harvests, and does all sorts of unselfish stuff like that. And no matter how many people drop by and tell him how good he is, he’s the first to downplay it.

I see plenty of people who are the other way, or feel like they’re beyond helping people that aren’t at their level. So it’s always refreshing to have it the other way.


Wow Al she has monster flowers for 4 weeks since flip. How long is she supposed to flower?


9 weeks supposedly. My last one went 11.

She was in veg super long and was pre-flowering before I flipped so I think it should be 9 this time.


Training is the same. I only top once usually. The GL is different - I manifolded it.