Bogleg's Hazy Black and Blue Grow



Last two days I’ve seen crashing PH on the GL - 5.5 yesterday morning, 5.29 this morning. Since she has a high ppm number adjusting her PH is a challenge - it took 10ml of PH Up to get it to 5.8. I will empty her out tonight and put her on Florakleen overnight, then give her a fresh reservoir tomorrow morning. I’ll be putting her at around 1000ppm for this cycle. Her ppms this morning were at 970 after I topped her off.


BCK jarred up today. Final tally 10.2oz.


Awesome haul for one plant. Great Job. :sunglasses::us:


Great job man. They look tasty


Wow, nice harvest!


GL sat on Florakleen overnight, and was refilled this morning with the following per gallon:

2.5ml Calimagic
2.5ml Armor Si
Full Lucas Formula
5ml Liquid Koolbloom
10ml Floralicious Bloom

PH is at 5.89 and PPM is at 1030.

I should also note that today concludes the 4th week of 12/12 lighting (but she had pre-flowers before 12/12 so who knows).


Now if I can get my canopy to look like yours


Let’s see how she finishes. :slight_smile:

I tried to train this one like the BCK I just harvested, but I wasn’t as aggressive and left the tops alone the last week, so I have some longer colas on this one.


Nice job @Bogleg


Awesome work @Bogleg great growing Buddy.


GL didn’t take up as much water over night as she has been - just a little over a a gallon or so. Her PH/ppm this morning was 6.0ish/1050ish (I don’t recall off the top of my head… I wrote it down somewhere)… I gave topped her off with straight condensate, and left her at 5.87/980.