Bogleg's Hazy Black and Blue Grow

Hello everyone and welcome to my next gardening adventure!

This is my third indoor hydro grow. I will be growing two plants from seed to harvest inside: one blackberry kush (fem) and one Blueberry Autoflower (fem). I have also germinated and sprouted two Gold Leaf (fem) for the outdoor season. Here they are:

The BCK is the one on the left. The BBA is the one in the middle. The two GL are on the right. The extra rooter in there was intended for a third GL seed (long story short, I spilled the cup that the seed was in when I was germinating and one of the dogs ate the seed).

The current plan (subject to change depending on my whims) is to SCROG the BCK the same way I scrogged the GL/SSH in my current (last) grow in one half of the tent (probably where the GL is today). I expect I’ll veg the BCK For two months. The BBA I will top once and let her grow out naturally (she is my first autoflower so I am going to use the KISS principle). The “auto” side of my tent will be used for a perpetual auto grow. When the BBA Is about halfway done I will drop an Amnesia Haze seed and start growing her.

The two Gold Leaf I am going to mainline. I have around three months before the last frost advisory date here, so my intention is to establish good manifolds on each of them before I put them outside for the summer. In order to assure I have enough space to veg plants for this long, I purchased a second tent!

I found what looks to be a decent 4x4x80 tent on Amazon for under $80 and pulled the trigger.

Some questions still remain for my plan - i.e. which buckets will I use to hold the two GLs. And I have to be careful on my timing with the current grow I’m about to harvest so I don’t end up with any plants left out in the cold.

My next biggest challenge is likely going to be adding a new breaker to my breaker box so I can run two tents without maxing out the circuit.

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Woohoo watching your next adventure brother


Here and watching.

Congrats on the upgrade! When you get to running that other circuit I can probably help with some guidance. It’s not that big of a deal if you size the components correctly, and take a few precautionary measures.


Yeah I will need help. I am not an electrician so messing around with my house’s main power seems like a job I might want to hire someone to do. Hehe. But that being said I’d like to try and tackle it myself. Watching DIY videos it doesn’t seem too terrible difficult. Just potentially dangerous.


I can definitely help tou out as well and plan on running a sub panel when i redo my space at tbe end of the grow
You definitely want to be careful but with proper guidance im sure youll be fine
I actually perfer to over size my wire buy one size garrenties no issues with over heating


Houses are built differently up north than they are down south but many older houses like mine have a main power shutoff switch. Mine is out next to my meter but it cuts all power from the pole to the house. Of course if you have one and were to do your work this way you still have to concern yourself with groceries in the fridge or an upset family because the heater is not working lol.


You can always turn main breaker off in the panel it will shut down power to the panel
@Bogleg take a picture of your panel when you get a chance so i can see what your working with
How old is your panel as well ?


Thanks for the tag!


My house was built last year - finished in May 2017. All brand new my friend. :smiley: I’ll go snap a pic for you.


Probably a square d panel or GE then nice
If you only knew you needed a grow room during construction :hammer:

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Here you go:


I did know I needed a grow room during construction - I just didn’t have any extra dollars in my budget unfortunately and had already planned on using tents in the basement. Someday I’ll probably finish a room for the garden and get rid of the tents, but that’s a year or two away at the earliest.


Square d makes two breakers youll need to figure out thenone that futs your panel one has a slot that snaps in and other has tabs
I can’t fund the example of the tabs but they look like a u shaped clip i have the same tyoe of panel at my house you can buy the breakers at HD ill get a picture of the other style when i get home


I just came out of my tents and will completely rebuild my room when this current grow it over in 10-12 weeks fir now I quickly hung some panda plastic up and have temp
In my basement


Yep. Telling stuff from that pic too. Apparently you don’t need to be in conduit, may not be a terrible idea though.


So explain to me how the breaker box works. As far as wiring from the main to each breaker, does the box cover that? Do I just need to snap in a new breaker and wire it to where I want the outlet?


That is exactly correct! There are two bars parallel to each other; each is one 110 Volt leg of your service. There is a bus with neutral and ground tied together (white and green). The breakers pop in and once you flip the switch the breaker is live. Usually a screw connector at the output.


Yep. There are bus bars for each “hot” leg, and a neutral bus, and a grounding bus.


Thanks for the tag , set to watching! :sunglasses:


Basically thats it
You got good advise so far
What size curcuit you plan on running 15 or 20 amp
And do you want 220 volts or 110 ?
You have a good amount of room in panel you can run more than on curcuit as well is you wanted