Bogleg's "Dejah" Hybrid Grow (SOG-ish, Ebb and Flow, 4x4, COBs)

Nice not feeling like you’re dropping 10-20 bucks a pop to do that I’m sure.


I might be copying your flood table soon. This is way too cool :wink::v:


Yeah, it’s pretty sweet to just grab 10 seeds out of the pile and it doesn’t even make a dent in it. Heh.


a true SoG is done with clones, rooted then vegged for 1-3 weeks in hydro,
this is done with about 4 plants per square foot of space in a rotating schedule,

i m running a 5.5 sf SoG grow with 20 plants in ‘soil’, 4 plants per 1.1 sf,
4 plants go into flower and 4 r harvested every 2 weeks,
i take 8 clippingss (100% success rate), plant 6 rooted clones into 9 oz cups,
veg them for a wk or 2, transplant 4 into their finishing pot of one gallon,
then the 4 veg another wk or 2 then over to 12/12.!

this is a #1 nursery pot, a 20 oz solo cup, and a clear 9 oz cup next to my octo-pot (holds ~3.5 quarts)


Well I guess it won’t be a “true” SOG. SOG-ish? :smirk:


1/7/2018 Morning Update - Day 4

Another slight misting of the seedlings this morning - I have 14 of 18 popped out of the rooters now. I can see at least two more working on it.

In the flower tent, I turned the fans all the way down and increased the on cycle to three minutes, while decreasing the off cycle to 7 minutes. I’ll see if this narrows the RH band a little bit and hopefully lowers temps a couple of degrees.



I’m laughing both on the inside and outside. And congrats on the healthy seeds too.


I love how a made up growing term come with a strict set of rules and limitations :ok_hand:t3:


Mid-day Update - Day 4

I won’t be doing multiple updates per day throughout the entire grow. Just right now, while I am trying to get my environmental conditions dialed in.

So with the fans adjusted so they are on for three minutes, then off for seven minutes, seems to have worked out. I am seeing RH bottom out at 50% with the lights off and fans running, with temps hovering right at 75F. I need to double check what’s going on with the fans off. I’ll go down and do that now.

I do have a remote sensor in their that I can check from my phone, but it appears either the humidity sensor is not working properly, or my code has some bad math in it - the RH numbers coming from the sensor are off, so I put a bunch of hygrometers in the tent at different locations to collect data manually.


this is awesome @Bogleg!!!


SoG has no set rules, just guidelines for the most efficient grow, idk about limitations…???
i don’t think any grow style has set limitations…???
dialed in, a SoG is the most cost efficient method, but most labor intensive also.
this is why it is suggested to do it in ‘waves’, spreads the labor throughout the grow.
it’s easier to take 20 clones every 2 weeks then it is to take 100 clones every 10 weeks

i have seen SoG done with everything from one plant per ft to 8or 9 plants per ft.!
4 per is a starting point,
Sea of Green is NOT for everyone, u really have to want it.!!
(or… like in my case, space/security restraints)

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Well, in my case - I did build the system to flower clones, and that’s exactly how I used it on the first go around in it (original intention was 25 plants in 1gal pots). But now I need to pheno hunt, and it’s the simplest way (for me) to get a whole bunch of seedlings going at once.


Ya looking for anything in particular? My most robust plants seem to always be fruit strains. [quote=“Bogleg, post:32, topic:26819”]
I need to pheno hunt,


Honestly as much of Cindy as I can find. Heh.


Love this post! Please tag me in very very interested in your breeding process.


Morning Update - Day 5

Everything just inching along. I have 10 of 12 seedlings up in the full tray, and 4 of 6 in the half full tray. I inspected the ones that haven’t come up yet… they have cots and a tap root… I nudged a couple, we’ll see.

Another handful of sprays with the water bottle this morning. Now I’m that short stretch where I need to check on them a couple times a day and give them a little water.

The other two seedlings in the full tray are visible when you look at them - I think maybe they’ll pop up by tomorrow morning.


What are you lining the top of these pots with? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I assume you are asking about the flood tray itself…

So I have a 3x3 flood tray (Botanicare brand). I just cut out a piece of plywood, cut four inch holes in it, and treated it with liquid rubber (Flexseal). What you see in the picture are 4" netpots hanging off the lid down into the flood tray. The netpots are filled with hydroton.

Last attempt in the flood tray I used one gallon cloth pots filled with hydroton… worked okay, but I wanted something cleaner and easier reset between grows. Plus, this coincides more with how I have been growing (DWC).


Good to know. I wasn’t clear, my apologies. It must be hydroton I am seeing. I’m not familiar with that, but will look it up. Thanks.


Other term for it is “clay pellets.” Some people also call it “expanded clay.” The first time someone dropped “hydroton” on me I had no idea what it meant either, but when they said “clay pellets,” then I got it. :smiley: