Bogleg's "Dejah" Hybrid Grow (SOG-ish, Ebb and Flow, 4x4, COBs)

Happy New Year everyone!

This journal starts on day 2 since seeds were dropped in water. All days will be noted from that time.

Over the summer, I intentionally bred together an Alien Fruit Cake male with a Cinderella 99 female. I am now in the process of taking those first generation hybrid seeds and doing some pheno hunting. Why the name “Dejah?” Dejah Thoris is the name of a Martian princess from the Edgar Rice Burrough’s “Martian” novels. It was the first “alien princess” that came to mind, which, of course, is a direct nod to both the father and mother of these hybrids.

For this grow, I will be be primarily using my flower tent. The tent is a 4x4x80" tent.

Lighting: three rails of five Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI GEN5 COBs, running at 40w each, for a total of 600 potential watts.

Medium: 40 gallon reservoir under a 3x3 flood tray. I have fashioned a lid for my tray out of treated/sealed plywood that I put sixteen 4" net pots in.

Nutrients: General Hydroponics nutes, using Lucas Formula plus supplements (Calimagic, Armor Si for the whole grow, Liquid Koolbloom, Floralicious Nectar during flower). My general strategy is to run 200-250ppm from the time they go into the rooters (I soak the rooters in a mild nutrient solution prior to installing the seeds), then run half-strength Lucas Formula (4ml FloraMicro, 8ml FloraBloom) plus the low end of the bottle recommendations for Calimagic and Armor Si. Once I hit flower, I go to full strength Lucas Formula (8ml Micro, 16ml Bloom), continue with the Calimagic and Armor Si, and, as the flower portion of the grow progresses, I use Liquid Koolbloom and/or Floralicious Bloom/Nectar to boost PPMs where I want them. I pretty much never go above 1500ppm in hydro.

Here is a picture of the flower tent I will be using:

Growing Plan:

The plan is to germinate and raise 16 seedlings to veg, and then immediately put them in flower. I dropped seeds a few days ago and put the first set in rooters a couple days ago. Say hello to the first “Dejah” hybrids:

Once I have them under 12/12 lights and can determine sex, I will pull out all the males, and move the healthiest looking male to one of my other tents to become a donor male for an eventual back cross. At this point I might drop more seeds to replace the males, depending on how many I end up having to cull.

This will be my second attempt using the flood and drain system, and also my second attempt trying to figure out how to best approach a SOG-like grow. My first attempt, while successful in terms of yield/harvest/etc, was a little too unruly for my liking. Last grow my clones exploded in size when I put them in the flower tent - I’m wondering if there is a way I can keep them a little smaller (with more plants) this time around… so I’ll likely play with the dimmers on my light rails during the transition to see if I can affect growth rate.

Anyway, lots of experimenting will be going on in this grow.

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I edited this post to replace references to “SOG” with “SOG-ish” or “SOG-like”, so no one will be confused between my grow and a “true” SOG.


Really appreciate you taking time to do this here!


Happy to do it - this will definitely be an “object lesson” grow, so I will be sure to post the good and the bad.


Sounds like a lot of fun to watch


Hey B - how you been?


Wouldn’t expect anything different


Trying my first coco grow. 1 week into 12/12 now.


I always appreciate the good and the bad. Knowing Some of us are not alone in challenges while growing is in a strange way comforting. Although I always wish nothing but good grow vibes for everyone. Thanks @Bogleg


Set to watching


Set up looks dope with the plywood! Set to watching and look forward to seeing how this round goes for you! :v::bear:


A note on the environment in the tent.

During the winter, my basement tends to average ambient temperatures in the high 50s to low 60s. This is combined with the usual low humidity we experience in the colder part of winter here in MA. To combat this, I have an analog 1500w radiator heater in the tent. I put this on a smart switch (just like the lights), and run it opposite of the lights.

This gets temps easy to manage, and I can keep it stable in the low 70s for both night time and day time just using this heater.

The problem becomes humidity. With nothing in the tent to raise humidity, the heater or lights burn out moisture quickly, and my humidity can drop to the low twenties unchecked.

Even with the whole house humidifier outside the tent adding humidity to the basement, and even with the basement humidity at 60% I still need to do this. Humidity is relative, after all. :slight_smile:

In order to get humidity up, I put my fans on timers. I run a cycling timer and generally run a 1:4 on/off ratio, or something around there. While the seedlings establish themselves, I am using the time to run tests in the tent to see what cycle the fans should use.

It’s a balancing act - if you don’t have your fans running enough, it gets hotter in the tent. So I need to figure out that sweet spot for the way the tent is set up now. Last time I worried about this, I was running two DWC plants in there.

The goal is to see if I can set humidity around 50% for the first month of flower.


That set up is top notch.


How are you liking it? I assume you have a journal? I’ll go find it.


Thanks - it’s been a work in progress.

Well, I guess it’s always a work in progress. Heh.


I’m really excited to see this grow. Good luck with the phenos.


MegaFarmer is at it again, doin those things thata MegaFarmer do.

@GreenCoat watch this grow if you wanna see how a hydro grower gets max yield in the smallest of turn around times.


So when I went to put the fans on the timer, I had to unplug the smart plug that the heater is plugged into, and I forgot to turn it back on.

So now I know that with the humidifiers running with no lights and no heater, my temps are at 58F and RH is at 88%. Heh. I rectified the situation… should settle in before the lights turn on at 7pm and I can determine if the current cycle will work. Right now I have them set to run for two minutes, then stay off for 8 minutes.


I can see the benefits of coco, for sure. Especially here in Texas’s heat. In my rdwc I worry about water temperature. Not so in coco. I added 25% perlite to it. They require more frequent watering than my soil plants


Watching two cycles of the fans, this is what I observed:

At the end of the off cycle (8 minutes), temps were at 78F and humidity was at 70%.

At the end of the on cycle (2 minutes), temps were at 77F and humidity was at 45%.

Fans are currently on at full speed. Looks like will want to lower their speed and then run them a little longer.


1/6/2019 Evening Update - Day 3

Routine work on the emerging seedlings tonight. Just a light mist of 250ppm solution for them, as the rooters are starting to dry out a little.

Lights on temp and humidity ranges: 77F-81F and 47-71% RH. I’ll play with running the fans for 3 minutes and stopping them for 7 tomorrow with a slower fan speed.

I would like to ideally start out at 70% and drop 10% each week.

I also dropped more seeds in case the ones that haven’t popped up yet don’t for some reason.