BobbyDigi’s Laughing Buddha and Maui grow

I did this with Buddha. Flushed her down to 165 and didn’t give her any water for 1 1/2 weeks. Noticed no difference other than the leaves dying off completely. I’ve drilled the stalk, given ice baths, clipped leaf tips. The only thing that has made a difference is the final flush. Smoke is much smoother from a flushed plant.

I’m scrogging the gold leaf because she seems like she wants to be big. I’ll just train the GDP normally. I’m excited for GDP. I’ve smoke it’s parent, purple urkle, and really liked that.


Did it cut down on your drying time. Did you happen to notice… If you say it didn’t I won’t bother…:+1::v:

It’s only been drying for 4 days but I hope not. I like longer dry times.

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I Like Longer dry times two but I want to get my indoor going for fall and I’m going to use my grow room as a dry room because it has Climate control and has a dehumidifier In it. I have noticed the longer the dry time the shorter the cure time…:+1::v:

Another experiment I did with the Maui was dried half in the grow room while Buddha was finishing up and the other half went into my drying tent. The half in the grow room dried faster as temps were 85* and 43-48% humidity but I can’t tell the difference in terps or affects between the two.

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My grow room is the only place that I have climate control that I can dry my flower… Last year I did it in a Connex with my outdoor because of the volume and I was terrified the whole time because the temperature was getting up to 100 in there during the day sometimes I think my saving grace was having three or four fans blowing air circulating around the room. It was dry enough to trim in between five and seven days… I’d like to slow that down by three or four days unless drying it out before you cut it down shortens that dry time…:+1::v:

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Buddha is all dried up and jarred. She ended up putting out more than I thought. 193 grams dried. Oh, and I did get three seeds out of her

Gold leaf and GDP


Gold leaf and grand daddy purp going to 12/12 tonight. Dropped a super skunk and jack herer for the veg tent.


Looking good mr scissors :sunglasses:

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For anyone using jacks that’s sick of breaking out the scale every time to weigh out the nutes:

Part A: 3.6grams = 7/8 teaspoon
Part B: 2.4grams = 1/2 teaspoon
Epsom: 1.2grams = 1/4 teaspoon

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Cant find that damn 7/8 of a tsp teaspoon! LOL


Lol, you gotta kinda eyeball that one.

Whew had me worried there a min LOL

A couple of fine looking ladies there!

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So nice having photo vault space again. 6 days on 12/12 Super skunk has broken soil and jack herer finally popped a tail after 4 or 5 days soaking.


Going to call it officially day 1 flower.


Man they look outrageously healthy!!

I like that rack you built, I may have to steal that idea! :v:t3::sunglasses:

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What rack is that?

I think they’re talking about your trellis.:+1::v: