Bobbyb's ilgm white widow & unknown

Here’s the new grow after the deep clean of the tent. Ilgm white widow on the left topped once so far and spread out. When I was trying to super crop the side branches I broke one and taped it back up I think it will survive. The unknown on the right is from @ktreez420 thanks bro!! I really hurt it during the transplant and I don’t think it liked the Ph swing because it shows sprouted in soil …both are in a mix of Coco coir re-hydrated with 7 Ph water and some Epsom salt…the run off of both have been around the 5. Something range. I believe that’s good any comments or suggestions please??

Also I got new three gallon fabric pots we will see the differences!!!


Here’s a couple pics from a couple days ago more to come later today

The other unknowni had in coco didn’t make the transplant into the Coco so there’s another unknown in soil also not sure if it’s going to make the transplant. IDK what’s going on. Well see

Did you incorporate something like superthrive to help ease the stress?

I look forward to the results of your new grow. This one should be less stressful now that you have a better understanding of what is going on.

More things to learn now…

Thanks buddy and no super thrive unfortunately I’m broke as hell…im also looking forward to the results of this one!! I’m getting the same brown rust spots as last grow. I’m thinking it’s some micronutrient left out from my water filter. So this next water tomorrow I have used my hot water and letting that sit out for two nights…hopefully that fixes the problem. It was nice watering without having to remember to let water sit out :joy:

Here’s some before and after the tie down and pruning white widow

I’m super excited to see the results of this white widow the last one didn’t come out so great. Really airy buds and like no high when smoked. This one looks better so far knock on wood!!!

Looks good keep us posted, I really enjoy reading other fellow growers success stories … I have some ilgm ww autos on the way… Hopefully I’ll get them soon…

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I’ll definitely keep up on updates. Check out my first scrog grow with a white widow and two strawberry kush all ilgm seeds is called “white widow and strawberry kush” lol the strawberry kush were absolutely amazing!!

Update. Topped all the branches on the white widow today was the first day lights on after 36 hour darkness. Moved the two that are struggling into the veg they are the unknowns the one in soil is just today starting to look up to the bright side

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Update. Here’s the white widow this morning. Looking good did the first of two serious pruning. After growing this strain once and seeing how bushy it was and I believe my very late pruning last time cost me my potency.this time I’m doing it the first and second week of pre flower and then I should be able to let her be. I also topped and threw the little unknown in coco into the flower tent as well. Let’s hope this one isn’t a male.


I may have missed this , but at what week did you do your first top, I’m very interested as I"ve never did this yet but have Resaerched this immensely over the past few months. I’m going to do some serious topping this spring on some BigBud and GoldLeaf and need to know at what week and at how many nodes is best, thanks .<*)))><{

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I ideally top at the third node only if the seedling looks healthy enough. After that if it looks to be bare then I’ll start a mainline. If it looks like it wants to be a bush already I’ll just continue topping or mostly bending and super cropping and using thread or butchers twine to tie down

Thank you so much, that was exactly what I was looking for😀

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Here’s the women today after just some water and cal/mag and final super crop I think lol


OK guys I need some help please.
Coco grow mixed with aquarium pebbles
PH in-5.8 with 1 1/2 tbs tiger bloom ,1 tbs Epsom salts,2 tbs grow big
Ilgm white widow fem
Feed with 1/2 gallon 3 gallon fabric pots
Run off- 4.8/4.9
There’s also some green mold growing on the bottom sides of the pot what is the best way of getting rid of it please! !!!

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Sorry I’m also about to be in week one of flower after a three week stretch that didn’t really stretch much but I also topped all the branches right before the light switch

Sorry for the lack of updates just been busy with the little one. …but here’s some pictures as of where we’re at now

the bigger bud on the smaller plant is the unknown bag seed and it is really impressing me so the one I had in my veg box I took clones off of it on the 26th so we will see if they root


It’s always nice to find that gem in the rough…

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It really seriously is so sweet to find it lol. …I’ll take some pictures in a little bit when I water and feed but it’s really starting to turn a sweet shade of purple now and the white widow is super frosty! !!


I just read up on your progress looking great so far! Keep the update coming. :+1::v:

Here’s where we’re sitting a’s of today boys and girls