Bobby’s First grow-ILGM White Widow/NON-ILGM Buckeye Purple


I am Happy to report that my husband is home and doing well. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Day 10. Going great. More budding and more pronounced


Could be well over a pound at harvest for the buckeye purple alone considering you veged for over 13 weeks!!!


Awesome, I’m glad to hear he’s home. Your plants look great, too! :slight_smile: :+1:


That would be awesome @Humanclone. Thank you @elheffe702 it’s been a long road! I have 3 White Widow so maybe get more than a pound with them.
FYI: I have not used any nutes. Just fox farm ocean forest. I take that back, I was using nutes about a month ago and I thought I burned them so I stopped using and haven’t added anything. Just plain old water. Not even checking ph anymore!


Can you let us know how much they have stretched up since switch to flower?


@Humanclone I haven’t measured but a rough estimate is 6 - 8 inches. They wake up at 7 this evening so I will post true measurement then along with new pics. I didn’t post pics last night due to picc line issues. Also @Humanclone scroll up to look at the pics of my plants in their earlier stage.


Day 14 of flower stage!

Buckeye Purple.

White Widow x3


Try add a few regular lighting pics as the blurple is way to strong to see plants properly


As requested @Humanclone @merlin44

Taken this evening in regular lighting

Buckeye Purple

3 White Widows


What part of Ohio you in @SilentHippie? I’m in columbus


Me too. Go Bucks!


Day 18 of flower!buckeye Purple is bottom and white Widow is top


Question for anyone. This crop is going to be ready at the end of August beginning of September, when should I start a new crop. And out of these three all from ILGM and are all Female
1 Super Silver Haze
2 Crystal
3 Bergman’s Gold Leaf

Which one should I do first? I have 5 of each seed


That’s a difficult question to answer, but the main thing to look at is space. Try to anticipate how big all of your plants will be at their biggest size, if possible. Then, base your scheduling around that. It’s a tricky thing, I’m dealing with it myself. I have six “stations,” counting drying and curing. Each plant spends a little time in each station, then moves on to the next. The problem is, nature doesn’t like schedules lol