Bob Ross grow information

We had some Bob Ross keif a couple of months ago and really loved it. I have been searching for bud and the budtenders at this particular store love BR and want more but it seems like a rare find. I found some seeds on Seeds Here Now (don’t worry ILGM you are still my #1 seed place). I want to try to grow this next, but cannot find anything about this strain nor how it grows and what to expect. I really don’t want to pay $18 per seed that is inappropriate for the grow tent. Having zero idea on how tall this will get. (Running into height issues with our Wedding Cake right now). I emailed them asking for grow information and have had no response in four days. Is Bob Ross also Purple Sherbet? That seems to follow in parentheses. Researching the genetic base for this may give me information.

Just throwing the question out there to see if on the off chance anyone knows anything about this strain and how it grows.

Thanks much!

P.S. just sent Crockett Family Farms, who is the breeder asking for information. Hope to get a response.

And after emailing Crockett FAmily Farms just saw disclaimer that they cannot tell me how it grows. That their seeds are a novelty ‘collectors’ item not meant to grow. Geesh.