Blurple Buyer’s Support Group

Just a thought anyone else notice the similar color that a blurple has looks just like a tanning beds light glow? So with that in mind I introduce the blurple pod grow system on sale for twice the price of a tanning bed with not one but two free pots if you act now supplies are limited.


Hi Pedally–nice avatar!!
Blurples are grow lights sold on amazon- which have blue, purple and red settings. They are so low priced ($90 as opposed to $500 and up) that they entice many new growers to purchase them.
U can grow weed with a blurple but if u want the sticky icky big-fat dense primo buds-- u will need to invest in a high quality light such as HLG or Mars or a DIY light kit.

If u are in the market for grow lights and need guidance-- consult with dbrn32. Just put the “@” in front of his name to tag him. But do a little research first so u can speak to him intelligently. (His knowledge is high level).
Oh yeah. . .think of Dbrn as an HLG light- in terms of resource. . …and Im a Blurple/noob!


Oh and if you act now I’ll throw in the pro system. The pro system helps with the nutrient deficiencys and other issues. If you notice dark colored leaves or nitrogen deficiency yellowing put your plant in our pro spray booth and within minutes your plant will return newly sprayed with beautiful color. ( not legally responsible for any losses due to the pro systems functions ) sorry legal mumbo jumbo disregard


This is hilarious.

I too was bamboozled by the burple bloomspects. I compounded my error by buying 4 of them since I found a wonderful $10 off coupon that refreshed after each purchase. I had the good fortune of purchasing 4800 watts worth of light for the low price of $360 (4x 1200 Watt lamps for $100-$10).

Fortunately, I found the error of my ways within the 30 day Amazon return period and sent back their purple light and bought some quantum boards. I didn’t go top of the line, but the plants seem to like the new lights a lot more than the old ones.


Thanks for sharing, @Nothingshocking

We’re glad you saw the light! Welcome to the group.


If your inventory starts to run low,I have 12-yes 12! Philizon 600 WTF, that I would let go cheap.Like for free.Call me.LOL


Lol I got the joke from my aunt after she closed a gym and tanning salon. I was telling her the lights are similar and someone might be interested in buying them to repurpose for growing.i mean she had like 16 tanning beds.

It slowed her growth due to stress and the time it takes to recover. Autos are more sensitive to this kind of training and normally respond poorly in my experience. Photos will be fine. A few days to two weeks. Usually under optimal conditions they recover fast. I always top my photos for a flat canopy.

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I was at Home Depot yesterday and saw a new endcap display full of “grow lights.” These were overpriced generic LEDs, and I feel really bad for all the people who are inevitably going to buy them.


Sad. Very sad. I should make business cards for the support group and leave a stack of them next to the end caps of blurples.


I’ve got 4 of them lol. But they were for my other type of herbs.

Just found this thread, glad I only bought one! Can you use it alongside an HLG light or is it better to not use it at all? I was wondering why my plants were taking twice the time to grow as other people posting…

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Well…They got me too…lol I thought I made it… brought a (1000 w) beelux light :man_facepalming:t6:…I felt so happy man got five plants going…then I joined the group lol…so now I’m going from a $90 light to a 799.00 light :man_facepalming:t6:


@RuskiWeed, well, i found a second life for mine in my seedling tent. seems to work just fine to get the new shoots up to where i am ready to transplant them into their final pots and into the big girl tent. its a nice fit since that tent is only 36" high, so no issues with burning the tender young things.

LOVE this thread. wish i found it two lights ago :wink:


Sweet! I only have one tent for now but hopefully down the road I can repurpose it for when I get a better light :slight_smile:

Gentlemen, thanks for sharing. It’s been a while since the support group convened. We’re here for you.

Blurple lights can have a purpose. Although terribly inefficient, I too use mine for seedlings.

For my first grow I used in in conjunction with my HLG for flower and it worked great.

Someday I’ll get around to totally modifying mine. Until then it’ll be for seedlings.