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The room is angled up by the back wall i have my fresh air intake setupp and the front angled part get my ac so not all is used. Basically a 4x5 maybe a touch over 5 feet of floor is used. I really only plan on like 6 autos at a time or so for now til i move and get a bit better area to play with. Im glad my wife got me started and is okay with any ideas i have for it. Ill put a pic of the room before paint and all to give u a rough idea

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Im gonna look into them now tho and see. Thanks will let u know which i get for sure.

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Don’t feel ashamed , we all have set backs :pensive::flushed: I threw mine back together to add some red to my runt


I’m trying to assemble the hlg 260, but I’m stuck on the wiring. Anyone have any tutorials for electrical idiots

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There’s several of them on YouTube


So I tried plugging in the light twice, and both times it caused a blackout. Please help

@NewYep How do you have it wired? AC side, what wires are connected to what?

I put the 3 ac lines into the 3 holes, and then the plug in the opposite 3 holes. I matched the red and black in one of those jacks with a red and black wire by each one. Then that red and black wire is connected to the board clips. The remaining blue and white ac wires ar just plugged into the jack like thing,

The blue and white on the side where the black and red are are just dimmer lines. If you don’t have a dimmer you can just leave them be.

The blue, brown and green/yellow are the concern here. What color wires are on the plug side? Black, white, green? If so, blue from the driver should go to the white on the plug. Brown on the driver should go to black on the plug and green/yellow on the driver should go to green on the plug.


Ok so the 16th is coming up quick. New lights will be on order. Before i off my blurple collection shall we try and see if we can invent a cool light out of the 6 i have. Got 2 growstar 600 with cree cobbs. 2 vip 300w dimmables and a 600 w vip woth veg and bloom. Then i have 2 china made mostly red leds that kick out some heat let me tell u. Says 1 is 2k and the other is 3k but .no where near that watts lol. So if anyone has any ideas of any kind of MacGyver stuff with these leta try. Maybe we can make a good light. Out of junk. Im down to try when the new lights come in. @NeoGroR @imSICKkid.

The side of driver that says input is your wiring for power cord. Bobbydigital has you set on termination points.

We’ll have to take them apart to see what kind of power you have available and what other parts we can recycle to build your Frankenblurp.


If i find time when the new lights come ill scope it out and see whats in them.

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The 2000k and 3000k are the spectrum, not watts if you were thinking that.

And no shaggy. They r supposed to be 2000 watts and 3000 watts each. But they r china so i figure 20w and 30 w each lol.

After tomorrow ill have like 6 to 9 blurples for sale. Lol. Might keep one or 2 for my starts in the spare bath. Cant wait til tomorrow. This day is not coming fast enough. Its like buying a new car. Getting my girls a set of triplets tomorrow. Lmao.