Blumat classic... any advice?

How many plants are you watering now 2 or 3? How much time before the 5gl is empty?

Yes, I do.
After realizing that my MacGyver Funnel system wouldn’t cut it when there was nobody around to fill the funnel while we were gone for ten days I got the Blumat system.
Two weeks now and it’s been working great. I just raised the feed bottle 2in today to increase the flow a bit. It lasted 10 to 12 days.

Forgot to mention…I use Lake Erie water run thru paper cone filters,


Just two…lol, and from what I can tell it drops an 1/8 of an inch a day. Probably last the whole growth cycle. I “just” set up another Blumat cone to the right, it just had one and these smaller clones are rated up to 3 gallon pots. So I now have 2 per pot, and not concerned (not yet anyways) about any under watering issues. I have on hand the Classics XL just in case. Just not ready to undo everything to drop them in and replace the regular cones. I didn’t know they had the XL clones so yeah, shooting from the hip on the Blumats. When I set up my larger tent in the garage the 5 gallon reservoir will be there and I might just set up a 3 gallon reservoir for the 2x4 I have here. Lots of choices fellows. Plenty of options.

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I am seriously considering trying the newer Blumats outside to water 4 large 10gl pots (mainly because I am lazy) using Earth Dust and we keep it damp all the time. I bet I go through 6gls of water everyday watering them twice a day. I will convert a 27gl or maybe even 50gl tote for the water reservoir and maybe get 5-10 days.

I first read that 6 gallons of water per pot…wow, that’s a lot. 6 gallons of water for 4 large pots, yes. The Blumats would help. 27 gallon should be fine from my little experience with these guys so far. Throw some red worms in there too.

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These are the monsters i am talking about.
Call this Gold Leaf Big Girl

and the smaller one

Those measurements are from the soil to top of plant.

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