Blumat classic... any advice?

So as it turns out, my flowering stage is lasting waaaaay longer than anticipated. I have a planned and paid for vacation coming up in 8 days for which I will be gone for 10 days. Originally, I had planned to cut and hang before leaving but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m leaving lights (LED) on 24 hours now so that’s not an issue. I invested in Blumat carrots for watering while I’m gone and I’m praying it will work. I’m testing them this week. I will be flushing before I leave and giving just plain water because she should be ready for harvest when I return. Does anyone have any experience with these that can give advice?

Nothing will make your butt pucker quite like babying a plant for 4 months and then leaving it at the mercy of physics while you’re away. Ugh.

Here’s Aurora now… Northern Lights AF.


Awesome looking plant you have!
Imo it still has quite abit to go based on all those white hairs on the buds


Ya, you’re not in window to be flushing in my opinion. maybe after you come back.

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Agree with others. Maybe post some pictures in 7 days and see where they’re at then. Looks like they have maybe 3 weeks left

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep that in mind. Has anyone used Blumats though?

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Mmmmm… Just going by what I have read of course, but it looks like you have a comfortable margin AFTER you return before you need to harvest. I don’t even see a non-white pistil without having to hunt hard for it.

I think you need to keep feeding them right up until you leave, making sure that the ppms are steady in the “pack it on, girls!” range, and pH set at the opposite end of the range from wherever it tends to drift toward. Then put a “safe” feed in the carrot setup and try not to fret!

Enjoy the vaca, and trust your system to work for you.


I think @Countryboyjvd1971has used them before . Type blumat into the search bar . Check out " DYI plant watering system ".

EDIT - my fault. Missed that she was an autoflower.

I am currently using Blumats. I really like them (now). For the first couple of months, it was really dicey getting them dialed in. Beware of run-away drippers. Be certain that you have something to catch ALL the run-off if they do get away from you.

Do you have someone who can check on them and/or refill the reservoir?

Used the system and it failed on multiple occasions, can be a danger of flooding and of just getting plugged and not working…

Yeah I had a couple plants get badly over watered and couple plants go dry and die. I’m phasing my system out and going hydro :+1:

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I won’t be using the drip system Blumats. The classic draws water through the ceramic. I’ve had them set up for 3 days and the plant has already drank nearly a gallon

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Not to be a contrarian and I’m pretty new but I love my Blumats. Once you get them set they are awesome. Make sure you order the right little bits and pieces, quick connect valves so you can disconnect them and take them out of line and/or remove them for hand watering and feeding, inspection etc… If you travel they are great. Floods generally are user error in my experience, step on and break off a valve in the tent or forget to bleed your lines for instance. Its not as good as hand watering for sure but don’t discount it as a possible solution. I may add a second res and a pump to pump some oxygen into the system. If anyone as played with that setup I would love to hear about it.

How did these work for you? Thinking about using these on seedlings, will be on vacation.

They kept it watered but the water bucket grew some algae in just a few short days.

Anybody else have any experience with the Classics? I have some coming in and wouldn’t mind any tips and tricks. Gonna set this up for my 4x2 tent. I’m growing Autos throughout the summer out of two 10 gallon fabric pots. No Till soil. Kinda excited to see what these little things can do for me and if they’ll be able to handle these 2 pots while I’m away on vacation.

And they’re in, just set the one up for now, gotta figure out how I’m gonna setup the permanent spot for the reservoir. See how it goes.

And that didn’t take long, setting these classics up was a breeze, so much so that I might just jump on these–> the Blumat TROPF Medium Deluxe Irrigation Kit for the potted plants front of the house.

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Gonna watch this for sure I know the owner of the Green Sunshine Company uses these with his plants and sells Earth Dust and the ES 300 v3 light (expensive but great light) in a 2x4x6 and you need all that height with this bad boy.

You are using a suction line from the bottle huh?

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I almost feel bad that I kinda hijacked this thread a little :joy: No one was answering so I’m answering my own questions as I pick it up. From the bottle yes but like mentioned above you run into algae problems. The water gets thicker and you have some major potential clogging issues down the line. That’s why Blumat sells their 5 gallon bucket with a lid and all black. The lid and black block the intense lighting that algae thrive on. More on that later.

I found out that if you do stay with the regular plastic bottles that the algae can be controlled with a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. By the time the water gets to the pot through the Blumat any or most of the killing properties that the hydrogen peroxide is great at will have evaporated, so no worries if your concerned about the beneficial bioactivity in your soil.

I wasn’t all the way convinced with that and didn’t want to experiment with it this close to vacation.

I bought a black 5 gallon bucket that looks a lot like what Blumat sells for only $5. Minus the connection for the hose but I’m running Classics at the moment so don’t need that right now, later on when my Blumat trophs get in I’ll connect the adapter but for now I’m running Classics. You just drop the line in a reservoir and your good. Better than good with 5 gallons of water to draw from.

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