Blueskies first grow ,PK,PH,GDP and GL

hello to all newbie here first grow in years, did a lot of guerrilla growing in suburbia in the 70’s but I regress.

went a little crazy with a 3 variety sample pack from ilcm as well as some special offer seeds , to further complicate 2 different soils happy frog and coast of Maine bar harbor

have a 4 x 8 grow room , good tempo and humidity control 65 night 75 days, rh 70-80%, with a ac 6 inch fan for exhaust as need to maintain, viparpsectra pro 2500 and will add XS 2000 during flower stage t

about 3 weeks in ,started seeds in coast of Maine starter soil and just out into 5 gallon fabric pots, had really nice root growth but not pot bound at transplant .

gold leaf one pot hf and one pot com growing great,
purple kush happy frog growing great,
purple haze hf great, purple haze com “ok”
grandaddy purple in hf growing great, grandaddy purple com does not look right lighter green and much smaller, from the get go that seed looked weird with kind of bunched up leaves,

so it seems like something not quite right with the coast of Maine buckets

using filtered tap water ph 6.5 , ph’ed soil slurries both hf and com ph at 6-6.5 with test strips

was planning to just do a simple organic fertilizer just top dressed with dr boost 4-4-4 2 days ago, just got some earth dust in I did not realize it should her started before the transplant but I will probably use some now and then again at flower

having a lot of fun reading all the topics , thanks for your thoughts!

![20220310_063646|243x500, 100%]

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Sounds like the COM may be a little lean compared to the HF. I’d mix some amendments in, water them in and let it cook for a couple weeks.

I’m not sure which pots are which from your pics, but the ones in the solo cups are probably ready for a transplant.

Welcome to the grow show, sometimes different genetics same seed show weird leaves early then it develops later to surprise you! I grow at least 1 month or more in solo cups especially if my tents not ready, happy growing!

Happy cake day…


thanks for the replies I am limited in using an apple computer without a mouse, no idea why the pics are only half, tried uploading again same result!

the comparison plants are the ones in the 5 gallon, I was thinking some different genetics of the 2 seeds , we will see how the tiny and the other coast of Maine pot look when the dr earth top dressing starts to kick in,

will put the solo cup ones in 5 gallon over the weekend

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thanks for the replies all the plants are growing well like weeds. the gdp in com still is smaller but the gdp in the hf started to get some yellow that turns to brown spots on the middle ol leaves, I thought it might be getting too much light as it was in the middle of the lightened had a par >900 on photone so I moved it to a less light position, looking at pics of leaves issues ? low potassium

thanks for any ideas

If you measured >900 PPFD not Par and had the light on for 18 hours you are at 60 DLI that is a really hot number for flowering and your plants look to be in veg.

Here is a DLI chart .
Screen-Shot-2018-12-28-at-11.19.14-AM (2)

Here is the formula
PPFD x (3600 x light hours)/ 1,000,000 = DLI


yes still in veg , raised the lights to 45 dli at the brightest spot.they are really growing fast so looks like I will raising the lights every day or two, planning to veg for another two weeks and do some topping and tucking then go to 12/12.

could it be anything else besides light burn?

should the damaged leaves be removed?

thanks for the chart and the input


I will try to get a few much more experienced growmies here to answer your questions… Just learning too
@CurrDogg420 @Covertgrower @beardless @Incognito @MeEasy :point_up_2:

These guys know a lot more than I do some grow in soil but all are helpful and know their stuff.


It does look like light burn, @nmgeo is right it was too much light for the plant right now. I don’t think it’s anything other than that. If the plant is seeming too compact, I’d even set it lower than 45 and let the plant stretch into it a bit.


Thanks for the tag @nmgeo , hi blue , the last picture looks like you are getting to much manganese which normally is a ph issue but it also will cause your plants to look N deficient. The left of this picture shows excess and it talks about it on the bottom.
Im just going from the last picture without reading the whole conversation I’m just guessing
Manganese comes from epsom salt and or lime if you have added either lately, that could be it since the ph is ok in your soil testing…

Symbol: Mn

Uses in a Cannabis Plant: Manganese is a catalyst for many enzymes, and also aids photosynthesis/ chlorophyll-production.

Manganese Deficiency: Firstly, you must consider a manganese-deficiency will have varying symptoms, depending on plant-species. The most common symptoms in cannabis plants are a yellowing of chloroplasts while stems remain relatively green. White or grey specks/spots may develop on the surfaces of leaves. As is usually the case, older/lower leaves will be affected first.

Manganese Excess: Excessive “Mn” levels may cause an “Fe”(iron) deficiency, which will exhibit symptoms similar to a “Mn” deficiency. New leaves will develop orange , to brown, coloured patches

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This is to share my experience with my current grow of GDP photos. I have three plants. All tIhree are in coco and fed Jack’s. One is in a tent and top fed. The other two are in a closet in autopots.
The one in the tent is markedly different than the two in the tent. It is under different lights than the ones in the closet. So, I attribute the difference to either the lights (more than likely not the reanson) or it is a phenotype i.e. it is what it is.
Now for one of the two in the closet. Early on it exhibited markings very similar to the your GDP in COM. Here are a couple of pictures.

Frankly, I had no idea why it showed these markings. The good thing is it was limited to the two leaves. In the end, I moved on knowing not too far down the road these leaves would be removed in due course because of how they will be trained and pruned.
My suggestion at this time is to do not try a bunch of remedies. Make sure what ever nutrients and the delivery system used is comprehensive and balanced. And hopefully, your experience with the afflicted GDP will be similar to mine.

Comment about light / light burn… If the plant is centered directly under the light I believe the height above the plant would have to be about 19" to produce 900 PPFD. Is this height estimate accurate or was it higher than that?
For the photone to render reasonably accurate readings it’s light sensor needs to covered with a piece of typing paper. Also, it is more accurate when used on a IOS phone rather than Android.

You figured it out that multiple variables like different mediums and several different strains, makes things more complicated. This not what you want when new and learning.

This is the same plant from five days ago right after thinning it out and rearranging it in the scrog. It is a little beat up. But it is healthy and no sign of what ever caused the leaves to blemish.

thanks for the replies! I will assume light burn as the other plants in the same medium do not exhibit this on the leaves. messed up with not starting the earth dust earlier but I am hoping with time and waterings enough nutrients are released to prevent any deficiencies. got a Milwaukee ph meter on the way, mw101. a little more than an apphera 20 but can be used with either a liquid probe or direct soil probe . I will confirm my test strip ph readings .

should I remove those damaged leaves I assume the green sections still are helping the plant?

I was skeptical one viparspectra pro 2500 would be enough to cover the area but they say 4x3.5 so that seems about right. next time I may try veg with just one
light. I raised the lights all the plants seem to be short and squat with tight nodes with lots of greenery. I know indica 's tend to be squat but even the gold leaf hybrid is super dense. gold leaf are the middle and left

is it better to raise the lights or dim them?
photons for android says no diffuser needed is that true?

looked at some of your thread beardless, awesome pruning!
all my plants have been topped , was planning on some lst and just shoot for an even canopy ( not super concerned about yield I rarely smoke weed so even a few ounces would be way enough for a long time)but they are so short and leafy I think I should just remove some fans at some point ?

should I create a grow journal to facilitate my questions as they arise?. how do you tag someone?


@blueskies :eyes: type the @ symbol, and you will be presented with a list of names. Start typing to begin filtering them. When you have “tagged” someone, they receive a notification.

This type of damage is not reversible, the leaf is permanently scarred. Personal choice, I prefer to remove them; otherwise it can be difficult to know for sure whether the correction worked.

In this case, if it actually wasn’t the light, but instead a manganese deficiency (Ive never seen a case personally), then the problem will continue to progress and you’ll see it on more leaves. If no further issues you’ll know that you’ve made the right correction.

The height of your light determines two things - PPFD at the canopy of course, but also coverage area. Raising the light decreases power, but expands the coverage area. Lowering it does the opposite, more intensity, over a smaller area.

What I like to do, is set the height to where I get nice even coverage across the current canopy size, and then adjust the dimmer to the numbers I’m looking to hit. If you have small plants, you can drop it right in there close and dim it down, saving some money on the electric bill.

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That may be OK during veg. It says 4x2.5’ for flower. This is probably a bit of a reach.

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@blueskies that how i notified those guys who responded to your journal.

CurrDogg420, Covertgrower, beardless, Incognito, MeEasy :point_up_2:

Sorry on Incognito I meant @OGIncognito their are many really good people here to add who can help. As you read other journals if the topic helps you. Just do what CurrDogg420 showed you… Good growing your plants look sweet.


@nmgeo ,
@MeEasy .
@CurrDogg420 ,
@Chasfitter ,

thanks for tagging them for me nmgeo, so with a tag everything I post in this thread sends the tAgee’s a notification? my apologies if anyone does not want to be tagged!

Back in the mid 70’s I was a teenager and weed used to be just weed , green Mexican leafs, buds , seeds etc, we would even smoke the seeds if the stash was low! probably very low thc content but we would smoke few joints and laugh our asses off, later on came all the good stuff, the first time smoking Acapulco gold was amazing.
now I vape like 2 puffs of some high grade stuff and am stoned out of my mind.!! how times have changed.have been totally away from weed for probably 40 years but got interested when the Indian reservations near me started selling and have outdoor gardened vegetables for years, mostly heirloom tomatoes

grew up on Long Island and we used to guerrilla grow in little unkempt sections of any backyard in the neighborhood, did some indoor attempts with crappy fluorescent lights or incandescent grow lights, took forever to grow to any size and I don’t recall ever getting any flowering. , things like indica or sativa we had no idea. totally impressed with the output of the the new led lights.

a little update on the GDP in com , defiantly a different phenotype, it it growing 3 sets of leaves per node

so beardless what you are saying is for flowering the 2500 at 4x2.5 is too optimistic? the pro 2500 and XS 2000 should be sufficient for a little less than 4X4?

thanks for your input my tagged dudes!

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the pro 2500 and XS 2000 should be sufficient for a little less than 4X4

I bet you can get through flowering with those two it might be a bit difficult to get them at the right height and intensity… But hey you are already on the way with them see it thru… So you are growing in a room not tent with climate control?

Let get @Graysin in on this too… :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Let me get his journal so you can see a grow room full blast … :crazy_face:

Seeds in Rockwool

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See if I can copy an image of his grow room:

There you go. His whole journal is well worth reading too.

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That’s very generous. It’s a hot mess.

They pull about 490w between the two of them. That ends up at around 30w per square foot in a 4x4, which should be great for flowering out a smaller space than a 4x4. I’m unclear - are you using a room or a tent or a closet? What kinda space we really looking at here?

As an aside, just looking at the specs on the P2500 and the XS 2000, I’d probably lean toward the XS 2000 myself. I understand it sounds like you’ve got both running, and neither is a terrible light. Just dropping a hint a little about what to look for when you go to upgrade later down the road.

I think you may be confusing manganese with magnesium - magnesium sulfate is what Epsom salts are are composed of. Manganese is a trace mineral that the plant pulls from the soil more often than not.

Polyploid, perhaps? I’ll be curious to see what that one does when she starts building up her offshoot branches.

It’s probably for the better that you didn’t get the Earth Dust cooking in the soil until now. I understand that COM soil is pretty nutrient rich but still gentle on plants. Fox Farms soil is excessively nutrient-loaded, even the “gentler” happy frog. Since dry amendments take time to work into the soil, I bet you are accidentally par for the course of having the nutrients replenished (especially in your HF) right around the time the soil is naturally running out.

It looks to me like your experience in the past grows are doing you more good than you realize. Feel free to tag me into anything - I’m happy to help when I’m around.

PS - obligated to show the bud porn since @nmgeo hyped me up :joy:

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