Bluelab soil ph pen question

I’ve seen people say growing in a living soil you want to avoid runoff so nutrients aren’t lost. Don’t know if that’s true or not, guess it makes sense (please chime in on that).
So this pen can test soil ph without runoff. Is it worth it in your opinion?

Spend that money on good lights.

You can do most things with a decent PH and TDS meter for under $100. Soil PH can be measured using a slurry test.


@Myfriendis410 Slurry test is a great idea, didn’t think of that! Thank you very much. I originally bought a cheap ph pen off amazon and the thing is trash. I see a lot of people recommend the aprea ph60, about $80 cheaper too.
Spent the money on a good light already, have the Mars hydro Fc-8000
I usually don’t cheap out on tools so I’m kicking myself for buying that cheap pen

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When doing a slurry test, how far down do I want to take the soil from?

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This is the same pen just less $$$. :thinking:

Might be an option for you if you still want that one.


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Oh man, that just came up as like $380 @Oldguy
Made me go from amazon US to amazon Ca though. It’s on sale for $137

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@TheBadHaggis At $137 That is a great deal on that probe. Very Nice.


Don’t kick too hard. I take the cake. Currently have 7 PH pens.
two broken, two brand new in reserve (COVID induced overstocking), and three that rarely agree with each other. Apera 20 is the winner. Should have spent money on the Apera 60 as well.
The cheap ones get broken easily and or can’t read worth SHT. Todays monthly calibration test determined three pens in reasonable agreement. Of the two new reserved cheapies, one agrees (becoming #3) and one requies calibration, repair, or new batteries. CHEAP SHT only good because my hands drop stuff, regardless of smoke induced issues. Submersible and replaceable tips could be very important, just saying.

I have that pen. I like it a lot and totally trust it. But a couple things to note. You need to calibrate it sometimes. It doesn’t come with the calibration solution. You have to buy it separately. Also i recommend getting some small resealable containers to put the solution in so you don’t waste it after each use. It has a little check mark next to where it says pH. When the check mark disappears you need to calíbrate. I use the solution to double check calibration in between. Also there is a storage solution needed. While it might seem a pain, piece of mind is worth it! Also you can put it directly into the soil without having to slurry it.

About watering… still working that out. Soil grow for me. Im kind of with you about washing out the nutrients! Ive stopped watering thru every watering . Intending to do it each week to get rid of salts. I’m watering it almost to the point of wash thru, which for me in a 7 gallon mesh pot it right about a gallon. Ill let you know how it works out.

Growing grand daddy purple, week 2 of flower. Growing like a weed :slight_smile: almost 3’ tall in a 4x4 tent.