Bluelab Conductivity Pen

When taking a runoff reading for ppm is the ec multiplied by 500 for tds and not the 700 from their chart. Just want to be certain. Either way I’m HIGH lol.

The girls are hanging tough. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: I don’t trip before the finish line……:flushed:


They look good. They could use a little trim job under those skirts. :+1:

I don’t check PPM nor anything else so not any help. And yes, use the 500 as I read here once that most meters is the 500 and not the 700.

They’re cleared out and tied out underneath. I pluck the large upper fans on the regular. Thought I hit a stall recently when after we started flower. I didn’t see any flower change either really. That’s what’s got me forcing myself to learn the technical crap I’ve been trying to avoid lol. Thought I could wing it and get away with being reluctant. Ph and ppm are making me dumb lol.

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You can clean more on bottom to give more strength to upper colas. Yes, use 500. I clear out about 1/3 of branches and leaves to lollipop.

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They’re looking great!

If you started in soil like FFOF, the readings you’ll see for a while will seem high compared to what’s recommended for coco. The popular thing to do seems to be to deplete the soil so that you can treat it as a blank substrate for the nutrient salts.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you feed the soil with organics you can just water the plant. The way Mother Natures been doing it. I don’t water to runoff and I haven’t used ph up/down for months. I fed my soon to be flowering ladies last night with Gaia green power bloom 2-8-4. Probably the only feeding they’ll need. They’re in 10 gallon fabric pots, the organic method is easier to do with a larger pot size.

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Is this the pen you’re asking about.
The bottom button is units. You can change / cycle the unit of measurement
ppm 500 or 700; EC and F or C for temps

@beardless It is. I’m getting a handle on it. I think lol. It does seem easier than my Apera ph pen calibration but I think YouTube has me squared away on that as well. I’ve increased my saturation and spread out my watering schedule recently and the plants look better for it. Thank you for your response.

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I use the bluelabs stick. I just work in EC. My rule of thumb is 1.1 for seedlings, 1.2 for veg and 1.3 for flower.
Cracker looking plants mate.

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Oh man my brain would explode probably. No good reason why. It’s all the same.

Here’s the “conversion” but as you discovered already @Fieldofdreams , it can be read according to any of the 3 on the BlueLabs pen. :v:

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