Bluedream not turning any color other then normal weed

I got a question, I ordered 10 bluedream an 10 gold leaf. I’m a week away from a wonderful harvest. I mean like a 5lbs harvest lol. Only thing I am a little concerned about is that not 1 of my blue dream has any blues or purple color in it anywhere. I’m wondering if I was sent the wrong seeds?

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Newbie here but I have read that most colors will only look like the advertisement every once in a while and usually takes a change in conditions (cooler temps I think) or they sometimes get a little color towards harvest when ya just give water the last couple weeks …idk certainly no expert

Would you like to try an experiment? Try finishing off one of the blue dream with a really high pH of around 10. See if it brings out some blue at the end.


Colder temps for last cpl weeks or jumping ph super high will force out colors. How old os the plant. Got any pics.


@CMichGrower Cmichwe typed the same thing lol well almost

So raise the ph for the remainder of the last 2weeks?


As above has stated an I’ll do cooler temps with a ice down at lights out only in the last week or so

Edit. As @Mark0427 mentioned

@Pjtrim I cannot speak for ILGM Blue Dream,yet.
I am currently running 2(two) BD from ILGM seeds.
I have grown several clones of yummy and tasty BD (from two different Bay Area,CA clubs -Airfield Supply and Harborside )that did not have the bag appeal or color changes. But my smell and taste was…yummy.
How do they smell?
I grow outdoors, but my temps do not get that cold by harvest.
I gave up on BD having bag appeal,and just go off smell of the product. I say that because my BD homegrown (soil,no till,Build a soil top dressing/cover crops) has a stronger smell than the BD flower i got at the club.
I mean, for science purposes. I will continue to do voluminous intense smoking experiments in the name of science :+1: :smiling_imp: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Best of luck!

SL out.

Smells great, it’s just not turning purple lol.

You have 10 of them. You should leave 1/4 as control, 1/4 raise pH to 10, 1/4 ice down, and 1/4 raise pH to ten AND ice down.

If anything pops you’ll have to let us know.

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@CMichGrower that sounds like a ba experiment lol

Sativa is rarely colorful it’s usually light green buds covered in orange pistils. Indica is where the colors are mostly. If I remember correctly blue dream is light green covered in yellow pistils at least the one I had

Ph of 10 and they are gonna die. Just lower temps

He is in the last week or two, they are going to die anyway.

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Yes this is week 8 . I flushed just 1 last night with tap water ph 10.6 , we will see what happens lol… there still green , got a lil purple in the leaves on just this 1 ,