Blueberry temperatures

Get yourself a window ac for the room. Exhaust hot air out of the top of the tent and pull fresh air from opposite bottom side, thought I read somewhere you don’t want to go above 86 degrees

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Ideally you want to vent the hot tent air outside if you put it back in the lung room your just recycling it along with the humidity and heat


See if u can get some flexible ductwork 6" for the exhaust, try and get it as far away from the tent as possible, so your not pulling the hot air right back in

Thanks guys what temp should I turn the bloom switch of its currently 85.5F and as in week one of flower do now use bloom booster

Not the case of where live but more the law😂

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Now sitting at 85.1 so should be good right?

@Dclark Yeah as soon as NY passed legalization I dropped seeds on 4/20 this year :rofl::rofl::rofl: just cut one yesterday and the other two I’m chopping next Saturday

Nice work enjoy the smoke

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First week of flower so I do start giving bloom nutes now?

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@Dclark is there a nutrient schedule listed by the manufacturer? I know there is for Fox Farms. I generally fed half the nut schedule per other people’s recommendations… until more towards the end when I nuked the heck out of them lol

Nope unfortunately not

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@Dclark Damn, I’m no help then at this point!

@grizZz do I start feeding bloom notes she’s starting second week of flower

first week of flower or one week from flip

@Dclark Yes…what nutes ya using by chance

Sorry auto’s never mind

Bio bizz max grow and max bloom

I dunno if I tagged u in original journal and pics of notes and numbers dont wanna over do it I see if I can find ano tag

Is there a recommendation on the nutrient bottles? And if your plants are big enough (however tall they are gives a good idea of how big roots will be) will kinda give you an idea of whether you think your plants can handle a full dose….this means you’ll need to understand the ratios of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

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