Blueberry temperatures

Hey all… what guys that have grown blueberry autos what was urban guys temperature mines in flower but with both veg and bloom option on its hitting nearly 90°f

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@Mark0427 @dirtydave @Underthestairs @TRF help please if u can guys

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U dont have to keep making threads bud. Ppl will see the one u made first and reply there. B patient a bit.

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Temperatures for blueberry are no different than for any other strain. Cannabis is cannabis.

Ideal temps are high 60s to mid to high 80s. 90 is a little high, but probably not all that much of a problem if you water properly. It may help to increase airflow around the plant to bring the temp down a few degrees.

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This is thread I created everything else iseems on another journal thread

Thanks midwestguy I have 2 fanso pointing at pot and two at the light with a heat dissipation unit

Are you in a tent and have fan(s) extracting hot air from the top of the tent?

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High 80’s is not ideal but not to hot but after 90 you can have problems

With veg light on it was sitting at 82.4 just put other switch on to see how much it jumps worst case as it’s auto I’ll grow it veg light only until late last two weeks

Turn down the light turn down the yield you would be better off increasing the ventilation to get the temps down

Light isn’t dimmable

Stupid question she is in first week of flower do I now give her bloom nutes flushed twice already

Currently 85°f with both switches on

@ThermoNukePanda thought I’d tag u

Does your tent have exhaust ports?

Rather than fans INSIDE my tent, I opted to purchase two cheap 6" inline fans from Amazon and installed both on one side of tent in the holes and cinched them in with the tent pull tie thingies.

Lower one is intake air blowing in at plants, upper one exhaust pointed outwards and reverse to suck air out and generate constant flow of fresh air in tent and pull in CO2

Old picture of my first grow, but you can kinda see the fan lower right. Exhaust fan is above that one out of the picture

Yes have vans blowing hot out cool in and a heat dissipation unit

Darn heatwave causing me havoc

Turn up the air conditioning in your house a bit maybe? Lol I dunno. I’m rather new myself :sweat_smile:

If I had Aircon in house I would lol gotta be discreet too

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That sucks. This is the reason I’m glad I own my small home :sweat_smile: